Uncontrollable thoughts

As a child, it used to take me seconds to talk myself into things and weeks, months and even years to talk myself out of those things.

My environment, together with my neurological issues had a lot to do with my bad thoughts. I’d worry for days, weeks, even months. I hated myself for doing it, knew when it was happening, but just couldn’t seem to stop myself. I was constantly trying to keep myself busy. It was the only way I knew to shift those bad, unwanted thoughts.

Years on, even now and in times of stress I find myself slipping back into those old familiar patterns, where I’m having to repeat the process of talking myself out of those uncontrollable bad thoughts.

6 Mar, 2015

4 thoughts on “Uncontrollable thoughts

  1. Like you, I was tormented by negative thoughts in my earlier years. They were mostly thoughts of feeling less than others.

    It was difficult not to feel that way when I was constantly reminded by people that I was different. I attempted to fade those negative thoughts by distracting my mind a bit. I did that by reading a lot. Getting lost in a book helped me forget my reality for a bit.

    Nowadays, negative thoughts still torment me from time to time. I try to combat them by reading or with any other activities that I enjoy doing.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes you and I have gone through some of the same experiences. It’s only when we share similar experiences that we know and can be a support to one another.

      Like you, I also try to keep myself occupied by doing things I enjoy, but still chose to distance myself from the things that we’re making my bad thoughts worse.

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