Understanding motives

When you learn to look deep into another person’s soul you learn more about them, it then becomes easier to understand why they would choose to do something. Being able to forgive doesn’t apply in all cases.

I know that what happened to me wasn’t personal. Although conscious decisions were taken around my disability that didn’t help me, I understand the reasoning. When we can reason, it makes how we feel that little bit easier.

I cannot remember what age I was when I had already reconciled that I might never know about my disability. It’s not something anyone should have to contemplate, let alone work through. It’s important we all reconcile our deeds for others.

30 Mar, 2019

2 thoughts on “Understanding motives

  1. I was neglected as a child and had very little parental input. I put this down to the lack of any understanding by my parents of how to parent, but you can’t help think that convenience played a part too.

    It was just easier that way and in that respect conscious decisions were made, like they were in your parenting. Like you I have to reconcile this.

    Some days I am grateful for the neglect, as it meant my parents didn’t screw me up to the same extent they did my siblings; but other days I find it incredulous that I was left to my own devices and left to make life changing decisions by myself.

    Like many of their generation, mine were a great advert for how not to parent.

    1. Thanks. A sad tale you tell. Unless you ask your mum you will never know, and unless you have a parent that is open enough to discuss their shortcomings, it’s not something that will happen, not easily anyway.

      I see your dilemma. I didn’t get very far talking to my own parents. We can however, form opinions of our parents, by coming to understand how they think and function.

      I have spent my whole life working it out.

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