Understanding our worth

As a child, I used to think that giving up, meant it was because we had no staying power and that we were emotionally weak. As the adult I see things differently and believe the opposite to be true.

That when we choose to walk away it has got nothing to do with a lack of staying power or emotional weakness, but has everything to do with how emotionally strong we are. When we walk away because things aren’t right, we know our worth, not because we need others to know why.

For those who constantly pay attention to what other people think, they will always lose sight of their worth and how strong they really are. They shouldn’t have to prove or validate themselves to anyone, nor should they have to prove or convince others of their worth. Only what they know for themselves.

20 Apr, 2016

6 thoughts on “Understanding our worth

  1. Our self worth deteriorates gradually when we’re enveloped by people incapable of seeing our worth. That’s why it’s so important to walk away and clutch your dreams before negativity becomes part of your personality.

    But your second paragraph may be the most profound thing I’ve ever read, you said something precious, indeed.

  2. I haven’t felt ‘worth’ anything for a very long time! It was always directly tied to what other people thought of me, especially my parents.

    It came to a point where nothing I did for them mattered anyway, so why bother? I have let people control me and allowed life to grind me down, so it hasn’t been very pleasant. It’s so very hard to want to accomplish anything when the very people who should be proud of you wouldn’t notice if you cured cancer or went to Mars.

    I’m just so tired of living my life, based on what others want me to do, when I should be able to make my own decisions. I have to work on getting beyond the guilt, shame and remorse to work on finally making my life worth something.

    1. Thanks Randy. It’s not that what you did for your parents didn’t matter.

      It mattered, they just weren’t capable of helping themselves, therefore couldn’t help you. If they could and were capable, whatever you had have done would have mattered. This isn’t about you.

      It’s the way I feel we should all look at our lives. It’s not that we don’t think we are worthy, or shouldn’t. When we look back we are worthy, but the people around us aren’t aware or capable of giving us what we need so that we feel we are worthy.

      On our part we must come to understand our parents and our worth, so we don’t take what they do personally.

  3. Yes, it is so important to surround ourselves with positive people at all times, as much as possible.

    The negative people and the past will dwindle away more.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, you’re absolutely right, it’s always important to be around positivity. Sadly, unless we actively move away from negativity and negative people, there would be nothing to stop them trying to come back in.

      Those have been my experiences. Of course, the more we are around positive people, the less we will tolerate negativity and being around negative people. But we also need to deal with the past.

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