Understanding the signs

Although we’re not always akin to understanding how the universe works, I believe the universe sends out pointers to help us work through certain situations.

I remember an incident many years ago through work, where it didn’t matter what I did, I never seemed to be able to please my boss who would fly off the handle at every opportunity. I had to be one step ahead of him all the time. Then out of the blue he told me to go. I had been working there for eighteen months. I had received no verbal or written warnings. I had until the end of the day to clear my desk.

I remember being angry and annoyed that somehow he had the upper hand over me; but what I didn’t see back then was that the sign from the universe was telling me that I was never meant to be there long term. I was struggling to make something work that would never work. I also later learned that two to three months after I left, another two members of staff that I had worked with, left to set up their own practice citing unreasonable behaviour.

I believe every situation or problem we deal with has a message, a sign from the universe that points us either in the same direction so that we finish what we started, or it points us in a different direction altogether. We need to be able to read the signs of what the universe is telling us.

We must open our minds to its teachings. The messages are there and they’re clear. We must learn to recognise, extract and use the universe’s guidance to help us understand, how to steer our lives.

28 Nov, 2013

6 thoughts on “Understanding the signs

  1. The job I had several years ago was only meant to last a few months. Just like you I worked for a couple of doctors.

    I got along great with one but the other I couldn’t do anything right and I eventually lost that job after 7 months. Then I got the job as an in-home nurse for a little boy that we ended up adopting. I got that job the same day I was let go from the other. I believe with all my heart it was meant to be that way because we ended up adopting that little boy.

    I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not be able to see it at the time it happens but later down the road we will see it. Another example is when my niece was born a month early.

    My dad was dying from cancer and I believe she was meant to be born so he could see and enjoy her before he became so bad off he wouldn’t know her.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Wow, Lisa we share the same experiences and I agree!

      Although the universe can’t stop the bad experiences, it does pave the way for us to understand why we have them. There’s always a lesson, strength and growth that we can draw from those experiences.

  2. I do think there are signs from the universe all around us. Some people read them easily and others fail to see them.

    I sometimes have trouble figuring out what to do in certain situations. I try and make the right decision based on past experiences and advice from Mom.

    She always knows the right thing to say and I don’t ever doubt my choice afterwards.

    1. Thanks Maria. It’s not easy you’re right, but it’s knowing what to look out for and listening to our inner thoughts and using that as our guide.

      We have to find what works for us and from what you say Maria it sounds as though you’re pitching things right, because you’re not doubting your choices after you’ve made them.

  3. It’s a strange concept that there is some unknown force guiding and determining our lives, but the older I get the more I am beginning to understand and believe this.

    Sayings like, “it was meant to be” or “things happen for a reason” used to annoy me as I always thought our destinies were ours to make or break, but I do agree with your post and the others and even find myself asking for help sometimes!

    1. It’s a little bit of both. Yes there is always an external force guiding and determining our lives, but we also have free will as well.

      The example I used in my blog, where I was trying to make something work that wouldn’t work, that was down to the external force guiding me telling me the job I was in wasn’t right for me, I just didn’t understand it or see it at the time.

      If the choices we make are right, the universe doesn’t interfere as there would be no need. It’s when our choices aren’t right that the universe will attempt to make it harder for us to make those choices and that’s when we’ll begin to re-think our decision.

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