Understanding ‘Write & Burn’

There is a Shamanic Teaching, which teaches us that it’s important to release ‘the old’ so that we can invite in ‘the new.’ The enormity of being kept in the dark for 46 years still weighs heavily.

Although I have already written a blog about the ‘Write & Burn letter’ understanding how write and burn works, helps us let go and find peace, through an immediate release of stress and anxiety of that issue.

When there are people (they don’t have to have passed) with whom we may have had a difficult relationship with, it’s easy to feel upset, anxious and negative. It can be extremely difficult for us to let go of the anger, sadness and impact of that relationship.

I believe it’s important for us to heal our wounds, because that allows us to move on with our lives without being affected by our feelings. It also prevents our wounds from shaping or influencing any future choices we go on to make. Instead we have an unbiased place to make our choices and we have more clarity.

One letter can address as many issues relating to as many people as you feel is necessary at that time. Writing the letter in such a way that tells them our side of the story, releases us from any wrong doing. We must do that because any wrong-doing we are affected by, will shape the way we deal with every situation that is automatically reminiscent of our relationship with that person.

Until I managed to take control of my own thoughts and feelings through my blog, I was very much tied to the old patterns of my childhood conditioning. But by far the biggest issue still for me, is being kept in the dark for 46 years. I haven’t been able to let that one go. It feels much bigger than even my neurological difficulties.

Knowing that my life around my disability could have played out so differently emotionally, is a hard pill for me to swallow; made all the more difficult, because I deal with anxiety. Just thinking about it makes me feel panicked and anxious. Any issue that I have to deal with after that, automatically adds to how I feel about it.

I believe that by letting go of old negative energies, healing our emotional wounds from the past, will always invite new and positive opportunities, enabling us to choose what we think about and bring into our lives.

Rather than struggle to make choices whilst being stuck in the past, write your letter, read your letter out slowly with as much expression and determination as you can and then burn it.

25 Apr, 2018

8 thoughts on “Understanding ‘Write & Burn’

  1. I’m pretty sure that I have tried this one before, but it may be time for me to do it again, seeing as there is so much that I thought I had let go of, but obviously haven’t.

    I know that a lot of my wounds will never be fully healed, but if I can least put on a stable patch, then I can move on with my life, like I need to do.

    People have been on this let it go kick (pun intended) and if it was really that easy, I’m pretty sure that I would have done it a long time ago. There is a lot I need to write about and then burn which is probably going to end up turning into a bonfire.

    I do have to learn how to let things go, since the people I have hung on to, have consumed my life and I would like to finally be able to live, while I’m still able to.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, it may take you time to do the ‘write & burn’ letter but well worth the effort once you’ve done it.

      You said a while back that at some point you may turn to writing, putting your thoughts and experiences into a book. Your ‘write & burn’ letter will help you put some of your thoughts together.

      I believe the ‘write & burn’ letter works and as long as we work it through incorporating the methods needed to see it through to the end, it’s definitely worth having a go.

      It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as we begin to feel the benefits. Rather that than live with anxiety in our lives.

      I’ve done it and it does work.

  2. I have tried this once and my it worked very well. It was symbolic that I let go of all the abuse that had built up over the years and that was the start of my healing, from the harm this person had done to me and my family.

    It helped me find a place for the abuse, which I hadn’t been able to do previously. It’s definitely worth a try, but I think you have to be positive and to believe that it can help and that it will work.

    1. Thank you and for your feedback on the ‘write & burn’ letter. I too believe it works very well. But as you rightly say with a negative mind, or going into thinking the ‘write & burn’ letter won’t work, it clearly won’t work.

      It is important to understand the ethos behind why we do it and to want to come through the other end a more peaceful, understanding person.

  3. I think I finally got it; to navigate this complicated world without being manipulated by my well worn past. To leap forward without letting anyone know I just stepped foot outside my comfort zone.

    But I still think the past is relevant, as long as I’m not consumed by it.

    1. Your response works for me Tim as long as we continue to understand and move on in the way you suggest. If that can be achieved by ourselves then that also works. The key as you say, is not to be consumed by our past.

      By putting our thoughts out into the universe and directing those thoughts to those who have hurt us, we’re giving the universe and our loved ones the issues and taking the responsibility off ourselves. And it works.

      There is also us bringing understanding into the equation of other people’s actions and working through our issues that way, but through continual manipulation that doesn’t always happen.

  4. I do this, but a little differently. I write things down that are bothering me or stressing out. Then I decide to myself that I will let this sh** Go!

    I burn it in our wood burner, alone in the garage. And somehow to my relief and surprise IT HELPS!

  5. Hi Tonya and welcome to the site. Amazing, love this. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    It doesn’t matter how you write and burn your letter or what you say to release what you feel, what matters is that what you’re letting go of works, and it does.

    It also find it helps to find understanding. When we can equate and understand we will also find it easier to let go. It’s helpful when there is no apology.

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