Unexpected visitors

It fascinates me how when someone is terminally ill, people crawl out of the woodwork unexpectedly, to pay their respects to that person even though they’ve had nothing to do with them for years.

Perhaps some of us do it because we want that person to remember us, or perhaps we feel guilty for not having been in that person’s life. Whatever the reason, it’s obvious they’re there to make peace with themselves, so that they get to say their goodbyes.

When we haven’t been in someone’s life for years, we may often stay out because we’re either too proud to make the first move; we don’t think we’re to blame, so we expect the other person to make the first move. Whatever your thoughts on it, I believe it’s much easier to put right what’s wrong, long before we get to the stage where we’re having to say our goodbyes.

When it gets to that stage we come back in, it’s often too late to say or do anything about the initial problem, so it usually goes unresolved. We know the problem’s there, we just don’t talk about it.

The problems with disagreements and arguments are that they turn into grudges and the problem with grudges is that they seem difficult to overcome, yet are so easy to correct. A lot of what we say is usually down to interpretation.

In hindsight it’s so easy to look back on some of those arguments and not easily remember what the argument was about, but in leaving these things until it’s too late, isn’t the right way to handle things.

4 Mar, 2012

2 thoughts on “Unexpected visitors

  1. I agree with you. I think things need to be handled before it’s too late, if they are to be handled.

    I do also think that people don’t take the time to visit like they used to. We are so busy with our lives nowadays, we don’t take the time to go visiting.

    1. I understand your point about people being too busy to visit other people. Generally speaking you are right, but being terminally ill is something different.

      People will generally make the time to pay their respects in those kind of circumstances. It’s when we think we have time to visit people, we tend to use being busy an excuse or don’t see the need. Thanks for posting Lisa.

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