Unfiltered Lens

I write honestly and although honesty doesn’t make us popular, the universal truths are for each of us. It is important. Ever since I was a small, I have always seen the world in this way.

The lens I work from is raw, natural and totally unfiltered. My writing is based on universal truths, universal truths based around my experiences that also concurs with what the universe expects.

Since I started my blog 11 years ago, I have got to know all parts of myself. I have got to know me. I have learned not to judge myself, but to observe my experiences in a way that brings peace and understanding into my life.

I write in a way that helps me understand why, in its simplest form. I also write in a way that provides information in a way that seeks thoughtful responses and dialogue, for the greater good of each of us.

The other part of the process is me putting my thoughts out to the universe. The part I can’t see but I trust it is there. As I write the universe continues to validate. It doesn’t block me, because it knows that what I write harms no one, my words are soulful, they bring understanding of a life lived.

As I continue to write, the universe is a mirror, reflecting what I already know about my experiences and my life. My intuition together with present moment awareness allows me to navigate even the most difficult of situations so that I can help others find their own true source of strength.

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22 Oct, 2021

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