Unresolved handwriting issues

Out of everything I have had to deal with, my handwriting is something I continue to struggle with. It’s not something I’m always comfortable talking about.

Although I understand why I struggled to join up the outlines on my handwriting as a child, my handwriting is still something I struggle with. Understanding why validates the struggle. It’s another part of my struggle, of my disability, and a part of ‘me.’ It’s what I get to deal with, not something I can change.

This is just another piece of my jigsaw. Around the creative side of a damaged brain, it’s something I continue to struggle with, not something that is easily fixed. To this day, I can remember my handwriting issues and my teachers’ comments, asking me to write bigger and speed up, neither of which I could do.

Years on and it’s clear why it was impossible for me. What I find irritating, is that teachers didn’t choose to understand my struggles and help me.

16 Mar, 2021

2 thoughts on “Unresolved handwriting issues

  1. You have the answers to why you struggled with your handwriting and also why those struggles were ignored and why you didn’t get the help you needed and deserved.

    This was never your issue to resolve so ‘give’ it to those whose issue it was to own. It wasn’t and isn’t yours, but theirs.

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