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My thoughts are a little jumbled today. We’re still hitting on stressful times since my father passed. Adjustments are never that easy, but we’re doing better.

Bereavements aren’t just about losing a loved one. They’re working through the high’s and low’s of our relationship with that person. Turning to school after 6 months of constant revision to get us to this point of taking exams and with two more exams to go in the next week, things are becoming easier.

I have to say the end of this time can’t come soon enough. It’s the only thing that’s been constant in our lives. Unfortunately, for me the early morning starts aren’t helping. Now sleep would be good!

10 Jun, 2013

4 thoughts on “Up to speed

  1. It does take a while after a loved one passes to sort through things in the mind and heart, especially if things are left undone.

    I still have an unsettled feeling as far as my father’s passing is concerned. Things were left not said and dad wouldn’t talk much towards the end. I don’t know if he was just not mentally present.

    Both exams and school are tough. I hope things happen quickly and you can breath a sigh of relief. Hope she does well too!

  2. It takes a lot of time to get through this. Speaking from experience. Not all people grieve at the same rate. It will calm down at some point.

    Just take it one step at a time. You will get there.

    1. Thanks Randy. Unfortunately because we had been dealing with stress up to the point my father got ill, his illness and his passing would include those other factors too.

      You’re right I’m sure now that we have less stress to deal with things will calm down soon. As a family it’s much harder to work through these things. We’ve also had exam pressure too!

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