Using reflection as a tool

Through reflection I have learned that although the past cannot be changed, those times are when we learn our most precious lessons: it is important we continue to pull through.

I also know that without the life I’ve had, I would never have found this level of success. Something in me said I wasn’t done.

That we will only fail when we quit; that bitterness shows us where we need to heal; that maturity isn’t always about the years and that patience is about keeping a good attitude. That although we are responsible for our own anger, we mustn’t ignore but must own and work through what we feel.

Reflection teaches you that just because someone is silent doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. That kindness, compassion, tolerance and empathy must be honed and continued to be honed, because we never know when we need those back. That we spiritually and mentally grow through damage, that all is not lost.

I have also learned that no response is a powerful response, and that sometimes it is the only response needed. We don’t have to have the last word to feel empowered. That courage is us coming through fear and is about us not giving up.

Through reflection, I have also learned a lot about myself and about others who were part of my life. That I could only change myself, and that whilst others needed to change, with change I know they could have done things differently.





3 Dec, 2019

2 thoughts on “Using reflection as a tool

  1. What could be more necessary than reflecting? It’s like watching your past and your present in slow motion. You can actually kill the negativity that lived through you, just by witnessing your life again and again.

    The past is the most precious thing I know, besides this very moment.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re absolutely right.

      ‘You can actually kill the negativity that lived through you, just by witnessing your life again and again.’ – without us reliving our experiences through ‘reflection’ we’re ignoring the experiences that are causing us the most stress.

      Having used it myself to work through my issues around growing up without disability I didn’t know I had, it has brought me to a place where I could start tackling and dealing with my experiences.

      It allows us to rewrite those experiences in our mind, just by replaying those out so that we can put a different slant or ending on the experiences.

      Reflection doesn’t get the perpetrators off the hook, they are still accountable, but what it does is bring understanding for us where we had little understanding.

      The past is the key to our future. We must be okay with it.

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