“Visualisation is the act or an instance of visualising a technique involving focusing on positive mental images in order to achieve a particular goal that is similar to a visual perception.” –

In 57 years, I have never experienced visualisation. It is also not something I will ever experience, because the creative part of my brain that is responsible for it, is extensively damaged. It is the reason I am not able to see things when I close my eyes, and the reason I don’t dream.

Instead, my senses are more heightened. I have a deep awareness of what I hear, smell, touch and feel. But generally how many of us are consciously aware or think about our senses in that way?

For those who can visualise, learning how to visualise, is a process. You learn to use your imagination consciously and unconsciously. Also, visualise what is happening inside of you in the moment, how are you feeling emotionally, mentally and physically.

Notice the parts of you that feel, what does it feel like? Continue to stay aware, take note and continue to be more mindful. In my own case not being able to visualise, means I am continually cut off from life. It is literally me living in my own little world.

Visualisation helps take away stress, it allows you to meditate. It also helps bring about peace and calm and allows for you to become more mindful.

18 Jul, 2020

4 thoughts on “Visualisation

  1. It is very obvious that the creative part of your brain is working exceptionally well without visualization. By far you are the most creative person I know.

    The fact is, I purposely enter your little world everyday to breathe your mindfulness and creativity, wherever it comes from.

    1. Thanks Tim. This response is difficult for me to write, but I’m going to write it anyway.

      When I talk about my disability, I tend to underplay my talents, partly because I don’t see my disability in that way and because having had it ignored, it doesn’t register in any way.

      But perhaps it needs to be. It is the reason I am able to do what I do. I think you’re right, that reason alone is enough to champion its cause.

      You have given me a different way to think. It is another good reason why I have my blog. It has become my voice or reason and a lifeline.

  2. I am fortunate, I have always been able to visualise, just by closing my eyes and putting my thoughts centre stage. In my minds eye, I can see and hear different things to my reality and for a while I am in another place altogether.

    This makes sense as I am much more creative than I am scientific. I agree we should try and learn visualisation, as I find it very calming.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I wish I could, you are lucky, being able to just close your eyes, and see and hear different things to your reality, is a gift.

      I believe visualisation can help with anxiety and depression. I am lucky that I have my blog and that helps me with my mental health.

      I would love to see things in my mind’s eye that creates calm.

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