Walking away

In the early years, I had already worked out that walking away emotionally wouldn’t help me. That no matter how hard things got, I kept going. I unconsciously had already made the connections that I’d still have myself to deal with.

Walking away mentally or physically is never the answer to our problems, but it’s so much more character building when you stay and face your issues.  Through the other end you get to change your life, see your life positively and replacing any anger or hurt with respect.

Practicing respect can be a challenge, particularly if you grew up around little respect. Having respect, doesn’t mean the other person’s off the hook. It simply means you respect yourself enough to let go of the anger, so that you don’t feel the hurt anymore. Staying strong so you can mentally focus on moving forward.

But walking away isn’t just physically something we do. We will still have the mental and emotional to deal with. Walking away means we’re giving others the satisfaction that we’ve failed, whilst failing to give ourselves the respect we deserve.

When you choose not to walk away, you know you have strength of character and respect for yourself and that will help others see you in a more positive light.

When you stay and work through your problems, you spiritually and emotionally grow through the experiences.

22 Feb, 2020

2 thoughts on “Walking away

  1. My parents always walked away from their responsibilities up to and including their own children so they didn’t exactly set a very good example for us.

    There were lots of times when we didn’t have the luxury of walking away in the circumstances that we were in but nobody showed us how to deal with those things in a healthy way.

    It led me to dealing with my issues in many unhealthy and disastrous ways, but considering my role models I can’t continue beating myself up too much.

    Only recently have I been facing my issues head on and things have changed very dramatically in many positive ways. I want to be able to become a better person.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you can change how you to deal with what you have to deal with. I believe we all can.

      You’re right not to beat yourself up about it. It’s not your fault, I am pleased you are able to face your issues head on.

      When you say, ‘things have changed very dramatically in many positive ways’ – I’m really pleased for you.

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