Watch this space

I manage and live with Cerebral Palsy, but I also know I have to have good health, because good health is the catalyst for me managing Cerebral Palsy on a daily basis.

When I started The CP Diary I had no ideas about what I was going to write about, or what would work best on the site.  All I knew is that I had been recently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and wanted to do something that would help me bring acceptance and to share my experiences with others.

But The CP Diary isn’t just about my experiences, my blogs will be about health too, with articles that contribute to Cerebral Palsy and other lifestyle choices. Cerebral Palsy and health have to be inextricably linked, because of the obvious complexities associated with the condition.

Writing in this way, will not only bring relevant issues to the discussions that will help me with what I deal with, but will also help others cope too with what they have to deal with. As I work on my blog, I will also continue to write about my feelings and my struggles with Cerebral Palsy.

Finally, I am so grateful for all the comments and shared advice I have received from friends already. Please continue to visit, exchange experiences and watch this space for even more blogs.

30 Jun, 2010

6 thoughts on “Watch this space

    1. I am so grateful to you my friends for all your support. I will continue to provide inspiration for all of you. Please continue to help me with your support. You’re amazing.

  1. Our health is important to us all, especially when we live with CP and other challenges we face each day.

    I’m with you one hundred percent, as we all rely on support from each other, ether giving or receiving. You’re a gem!

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