We choose our path

We choose the life we come into and live the life we choose. It probably sounds odd and is a difficult concept for us to understand, but long before we’re a twinkle in our parents’ eyes, we’ve already decided on the life we want to live and with whom we want to live it with.

Along the way, we create our own obstacles and blocks. We will live with a great deal of frustration through those blocks and because of those frustrations, will fail to change anything. As soon as we learn how to deal with our frustrations to overcome those obstacles and blocks, things around us will start to change.

It’s important for us to understand the concept of the life we choose. When we understand, we’re more likely to become pro-active so that we live the life we chose. I came to learn very early on in my own life that I would be faced with many challenges. I also knew I might never be in a position to change my path until my circumstances changed.

I must admit it took me a while to understand why I would choose the life I came into. I tend to use reflection as a tool. When I began to live my life and became aware of things, I would deal with the things I needed to deal with. Life is about purpose. We need to understand what that purpose is and why our lives unfold the way it does.

It’s the blocks and obstacles we encounter along the way that help us experience what we want and need to learn. The more we manage our blocks, the more hurdles we will overcome. Overcoming hurdles help with life experiences and allows us to succeed. We don’t always have to agree with how we get to live our life, but it certainly helps to understand.

When we can understand we’re more likely to adjust better and that helps us take control of our lives.

18 May, 2014

6 thoughts on “We choose our path

  1. I sometimes find it hard to comprehend that we choose the life we live, as there is so much suffering in the world that seems so pointless and unfair. We live in a world of extremes.

    It does make more sense now that you have described it in the way you have. We are here to grow and learn by it, hard as it is at times.

    1. I agree. Yes it doesn’t always seem fair, but we take so much away with us and learn so much more through the life that we choose. If we chose an easier life we wouldn’t learn anything.

      It’s the life we choose and the lessons pertaining to that life that shape us and make us who we are. I have learned so much from my life because of the life I chose.

  2. It is difficult to understand. We live our lives the way we see fit but we don’t understand why things happen, especially if we live our life doing what is right, (eating right, treating our bodies right and treating others right).

    I don’t think we have control over certain things, like fate. We just have to learn to deal with how the cards are dealt and do our best.

    1. There are things that happen beyond our control this side of life and we won’t always understand why. For example, why someone we love who has been good all their life, dies young.

      There are probably lots of things we don’t understand, but as you say Lisa we just have to do our best at how the cards are dealt. It’s a different belief and thought process that ties in with the universe.

  3. I don’t think people actually choose to enter a life of unimaginable grief, bondage and afflictions. I’d like to think revelations would be a little kinder than that.

    How and why we are placed here is totally beyond my comprehension, but there are many theories to ponder.
    There are many things we’ll probably never understand, but I think we have some control over our destiny and

    I believe we are required to give something back to this life.

    1. Thanks Tim. I don’t think we consciously choose to enter a life into the circumstances you describe, because had we have done I am sure many of us will have chosen an easier path I’m sure. I believe we come into the lives we do to learn our lessons.

      I think this is one thing we’ll probably never understand. I agree we should give something back to this life, but not sure how many of us will.

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