We’re all vulnerable

I was saddened to hear of Peaches Geldof’s passing. Her passing reminds me of just how vulnerable we really are.

Until we walk a mile in another person’s shoes, we have no idea what that other person will go through, or what they will struggle with, in their lifetime. Without knowing the facts, it’s not possible to understand and even with the facts in front of us, we’ve not lived that person’s life and yet we’re often too quick to judge and point the finger.

I don’t think any of us will ever understand another person’s emotional struggle, but some people will always be quick to have an opinion on it. I know what it’s like to have lived with trauma. I know what it’s like to have struggled, so when I hear or read about another person’s struggle, I don’t judge but just resonate with them instead.

It’s a shame that people have chosen to judge Peaches Geldof. She tried so hard to lead a normal life. The irony is that given her background and upbringing her life was far from normal. Growing up in the public eye can be difficult. I can see why she struggled. It’s a shame that as a society, we fail to understand or simply choose to judge.

In short, we haven’t walked in her shoes or lived her life, or anyone’s life, so it’s unfair to comment as if we have.

11 May, 2014

8 thoughts on “We’re all vulnerable

  1. I don’t think it’s fair for anybody to judge another person when we have no idea what they are going through or been through.

    People used to judge me in school and I’m sure there are some that still do. I’ve struggled all my life with different things that people have no idea of. I used to worry about what others thought, but my mom would always tell me to quit worrying about what others thought.

    I finally took her advice now that I’m older and understand more about what she was saying. I really don’t care what others think. I know the truth and know what I’ve been through and know that I’m doing my best to live my life.

  2. People do tend to judge without really thinking about the whole story. Speaking as an alcoholic and addict I know how hard life can be when you have to deal with these issues.

    The sad reality in this day and age is that the heroin now can be so strong that it could kill someone with just one dose. One of the real dangers of buying drugs off the street is that you have no idea of what’s really in it. The only reason I stayed away from it is that I really don’t care for needles.

    We only usually hear about the celebrities who this happens to, but don’t often think of all the others. Breaking the cycle of addiction is never an easy thing and only those who have been through it will know what it’s like.

    It is beyond annoying to hear people say to “Just get over it!” or things like that which is never that easy. Peaches lost her mother from an overdose so I’m guessing she had to deal with that on top of everything else.

    Yes, I digress, but it’s a very relevant issue for me having grown up being judged so harshly. Children can be downright sadistic towards other children who may be “different” than them and grow to be adults who behave the same way.

    Society as a whole pretty much condones this kind of behavior if you’re not wearing the right clothes or driving the right car “they” say you’re supposed to be! No wonder so many people are doing whatever they have to do to make themselves feel “happy!” In any case I should probably write a book on how I feel and what it does to a person to be treated like a leper out in the world.

    I see young people every day who have no clue how to treat each other decently. They somehow seem to think it’s okay to dress like Justin Bieber, or Miley Cyrus and behave the same way! It truly saddens me to think of what the future may bring.

    My own daughter is afraid to go out into the world because of the way she’s treated! Only time will tell if people will evolve to be more than just “talking monkeys!”

    1. Thanks Randy. There’s lots of truth in your response, but what matters is what you think and what you do. We cannot change the world or other people in the world, but we can change the way we respond to what they say and think of us.

      I have been judged. I am sure some of us will have had to deal with that too. The key is to ignore what’s being said and just get on with our own lives. People judge us whether we know they’re judging us or not. We jus have to focus on other things and ignore the people who do.

      From snippets in the media about Peaches Geldof, she tried so hard to live a normal life; but drugs is a hard one. Drugs are completely addictive and very easy to fall back into drug taking even if you manage to stay clean for a short while. It takes willpower to walk away for good.

      I have never taken drugs myself but can resonate with what she must have gone through emotionally. A lot of what we deal with stems from childhood, but those problems need to be addressed. I am sure had Peaches had the help earlier, she would have found a way through. She tried so hard.

      I can resonate with you and your daughter too Randy. You give of your best with what you have to deal with. I know that’s what you will continue to try to do.

  3. I firmly believe we shouldn’t judge people until we have walked in their shoes for a significant period of time. After all, one man’s heaven is another man’s hell.

    And what is a normal life? Who sets the standards of a normal life? While I don’t know Peaches Geldof’s, I respect her right to live and die by her standards and no one elses.

  4. Exactly! How many of us appreciate or even care about another person before we comment or criticise?

    It especially annoys me when ‘celebrities’ feel the need to get any press, by making stupid and unnecessary comments, just because any press is better than no press. Ironically, they don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot! Perhaps they shouldn’t hand it out in the first place.

    Today’s rant over, thanks.

    1. I think what you’ve written here will be what people will have thought when they heard the celebrity comments. I think you’re absolutely right on all the points you’ve made. Thank you.

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