We’ve become complacent

When I first went to see my Neurologist to get a diagnosis for Cerebral Palsy 6 years ago, he mentioned that the birth rate for babies being born with the condition, was still the same as when I was born in the early 60’s.

Perhaps that’s because we’re unconsciously becoming more complacent about births and therefore aren’t taking enough care to make sure babies aren’t being born with the condition. Given all the technology today, means less babies should be born with the condition and that clearly isn’t the case from what I have been told.

Because there is more technology for medical staff today, monitoring mother and baby has become easier and staff are now more trained and know what to look out for, as far as complications are concerned. I know that I was normal in the womb until my birth, so maybe that much is true.

Unfortunately, complacency is beginning to spill over into our everyday lives. We feed our own complacency and make our choices around how complacent we have become. It comes from our baggage, issues and stressful lives. Through our unconscious thoughts, we continue to be complacent about our lives, our relationships, our work, almost anything.

We would rather stay in the same job, than us move on to a job that pays better, has more prospects and excites us, but that would mean we’ve got to move. We’re lazy at changing. We’re not always happy but it’s what we know. It’s familiar and familiar is what we do well with.

Unconsciously, perhaps we’ve stopped working at things because we think we’re not the ones who need to change,  or perhaps we’re too stressed to even notice, or care. In our minds, we know what we know. The truth is that for most of us to move on and find a different form of knowing takes courage and commitment, but instead we’ve come to live alongside being complacent.

Some of us don’t try, some of us will continue to try, but will fail when people around us stop trying. We must go back to basics on what we knew before we stopped trying and before we became complacent.

10 Jul, 2015

2 thoughts on “We’ve become complacent

  1. I think it is an absolute disgrace that the CP birth rate has not reduced in the last 50 years, especially if part of the reason for that is a more relaxed attitude to birth and taking birth for granted.

    I guess that is offset by increases in technology so the overall rate has remained consistent. Unfortunately, complacency is a human failing, which we experience through all of aspect of our lives.

    1. Thanks, I couldn’t agree more. I believe it is, the facts clearly speak for themselves. It’s just a shame innocent people like myself get caught up in bureaucracy.

      With more technology at our fingertips you would think it would be the other way round. Technology has made things easier for us in some ways and more difficult in others. We seem to have become too complacent about what technology can do for us, without thinking things through for ourselves. We’ve come to rely too heavily on it.

      There will also be other things going on in our lives, which we’re not always sure how to deal with and perhaps that’s causing us to become more complacent.

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