What we see & what we get

In a world that has become more divisive we should be unique, open and honest, but what we see isn’t always what we get. We must also speak our truth, but do that in a way that others will listen, but not be dictated to.

What you see with me is what you get. I’m not one way in my blogs and another way in my personal life, but as we go about our daily lives we expect others to behave in the same way we do and don’t stop to question their motives, until such a time we realise we have no choice.

I grew up believing people were genuinely good, but experiences have shown my thinking can’t stay like that. There eventually comes a time when we must become more cynical to question other people’s motives, that what we see isn’t always what we get. The only time I am cynical, is if there is a fundamental reason for me to be cynical.

Unfortunately, those who are constantly cynical will continue to live their lives that way. Sadly, that comes from a lack of trust. For whatever reason, we don’t trust what others say, or we take what they say with a pinch of salt. Showing others a different version of us, will never play out well long term, nor will it help others understand or get to know us personally.

I believe it’s hard enough navigating life, let alone with people we can never know. We mustn’t be naïve enough to think that how we conduct ourselves is how others will conduct themselves. We must learn to open-up more so that people get to see the real us with no filters. If more people got to see who we were, there would be no need for cynicism.

It’s sometimes enormously difficult to read people, for us to understand their motives. It’s important that what we see is what we get. As we hear and read in the daily news, the world would be better for it.

20 Feb, 2017

4 thoughts on “What we see & what we get

  1. Its nice when you meet someone and you instantly can tell that they are open and honest. That is certainly the case with you.

    It is equally as disappointing when own our standards fall short in those people, although I am learning to temper my normal assumption that people will deal with me as equally as I deal with them.

    In the crazy world that we live in what you see is certainly not what we get much of the time and the world is a worse place for it. I hope we can crawl our way back from the precipice we are all staring into.

    1. Thank you. I agree and I hope so too. Having grown up in an environment where there were clear differences between people, I have chosen not to make a difference, but instead choose to embrace people.

      There’s a famous Albert Einstein quote that I love that spells this blog out. “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is a Garbageman or the President of the University.” And how right he was.

      I believe it doesn’t how much money we have, what car we drive or what house we live in, it’s still important to have common decency. Common decency stops the comparisons and differences, which means we’re less likely to stand in judgment.

      Perhaps we need to go back to basics, so that even if we’re not all equal we treat others in the way we would want to be treated. We need to come to together. People are more divided than they have ever been.

  2. Imagine lenses that enable us to see and feel experiences of people different from us, virtually placing us in someone else’s shoes.

    You’ll see I’m not lying, when I say you’ll be humbled and more respectful of our differences.

    1. Thanks Tim. I believe you’re right. with lenses that allow us to see and feel experiences of people different from us, will give us an altogether different outlook on what other people deal with.

      But even without those lenses I believe we can still learn to behave differently so that what we see is what we get. It’s not difficult to be conciliatory, empathetic, tolerant and compassionate; all the things we should be. We just have to want to.

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