When we hold back

How many of us start out with good intentions of changing or working through something, then give up at the first hurdle?

Any decision we make that gets in the way of accomplishing or achieving what we initially set out to do is self-sabotage. It’s normally because we lack a certain motivation or discipline, the two key elements that allow us to carry out getting the job done.

Learned behaviours set in, patterns are formed, but we must still be committed to change. Any change seems daunting, but that is why some of us may subconsciously choose not to change. We usually work from a list of excuses as to why we can’t.

As a child, this is more commonplace, but as the adult there are ways to work to change things that hold us back. With confidence, emotionally we are more open to change and challenges as we grow, primarily because we’re mature enough not to see those challenges as fears any more.

Having confidence helps take any fears away.

18 May, 2011

4 thoughts on “When we hold back

  1. I think for me it is fear of the unknown.

    Once I am in a situation I can make a decision and move on. Change is always difficult but sometimes necessary to grow, otherwise we are stuck, which is not good.

    1. I think for most of us it will be the fear of the unknown. You’re not on your own Randy. Not knowing what lies ahead of us can make us stuck.

  2. I sometimes lack the motivation to continue a task.

    The last thing I threw myself into was school and I stayed with it until the school closed and dashed my dreams. I was so close to finishing and was sorely disappointed when I couldn’t.

    I’m more cautious with what I do now. I won’t allow my hopes to get up, so there won’t be a great disappointment. I still plan on continuing school some how at another school, but I will investigate in depth first.

    1. There are many reasons why we lack motivation and hold back in our lives.

      It all depends on where we’ve come from and what we deal with, not necessarily because something ends like your course. As you say you were so close to finishing, the school closed first before you had a chance to complete your course.

      At least you know you would have finished if you could have. I know it will come, just give it time.

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