Why I help others

I help others because I know what it’s like to feel isolated and alone. As a child being mentally and emotionally cut off and alone was incredibly difficult.

When it comes to our lives, it’s always difficult to let go of the things we know aren’t going to work. I go back to my disability because although it was constant and confusing, it was there, and it kept me safe.

It is important to acknowledge what we deal with and more importantly to write the final words of the chapter that keeps us stuck, so that we get to turn another page.

Although my book Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm,’ is a book that charts my journey, as I continue to turn more pages in the book, I help others understand their own lives, potentially for the first time.

Through my book, I come through the universal process better for understanding and although those times were incredibly difficult, they weren’t wasted because they sparked a mental interest in me and a way through.

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15 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “Why I help others

  1. Not to know about something you deal with and starting a blog, is a perfect way to help yourself and in doing so it can help others also. I understand your reasons for helping others. Being able to empathise with another person is wonderful.

    Also, through your book you have managed to reach a global audience and everyone can benefit from your help – what you have is a real gift for all of us.

    I try to help others because I feel I am in a privileged position and if I can help someone then I will. I believe that is one of the key reasons why we are here; to help someone who needs your help and I will always try to do that.

    1. Thanks. You are lucky that you are in a privileged position to help others. I agree with your reasons on why we are here. I’m just wondering how many people stop to question it.

      I personally believe what you believe and agree being able to empathise with others is wonderful. That said, I believe we all can, but not all of us will. I think if more of us did, the world would look and feel different.

      It’s a different mindset that we may all adhere too. Personally, I believe things happen for a reason. As a child I could never have foreseen this, but looking back the reasoning is clear and I couldn’t be happier now.

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