Why reflection is important

Using reflection and looking back on my experiences, I see a very different version of me, the angry child is no longer staring back at me.

There is a point to reflection, because without it we’re less likely to make any necessary changes and changes are necessary, if we are to heal, adapt and move forward in our lives. Using reflection, helps identify the parts of us that we need to change.

Without reflection, I could never have achieved what I have. Reflection allows for emotional and spiritual growth. It is important we reflect, recall and find solutions. It would be difficult to progress without it.

Give yourself time to work through your past, don’t be afraid to explore your experiences, they’re there to help you understand, not to make you run.

Looking back, it would be easy for us to gloss over our experiences. Easy for us to reinvent history, play down the bad times, put people on a pedestal who don’t deserve to be there. It would also be easy for us to continue to blame ourselves.

It is important we look back on the good, the bad and the ugly experiences in the way they happened. It is important we draw the positives from the not so positive experiences, to see what lessons we can learn from those times.

By not using reflection, we’re setting ourselves up to fail. We must come to learn new practices and we can only do that by using reflection.

21 Mar, 2020

2 thoughts on “Why reflection is important

  1. Without using reflection we will never understand our experiences or our life in any great detail as you say.

    It’s important but it’s not always something we hold importance to.

    1. Thank you. ‘It’s important but it’s not always something we hold importance to’ – it’s massively important we hold importance to it. I can’t stress that enough.

      Without it, we will mentally and emotionally struggle, particularly if we have had to deal with trauma.

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