Why we judge

Unfortunately, I’ve been judged all my life and have had no choice but to walk away from situations. It’s important we accept people for who they are instead of passing judgment.

We tend to judge when:

  • We don’t agree with the other person, so we make a judgment;
  • We don’t like the other person, so we try to make things difficult for them;
  • We either feel insulted, rejected or worse accused by the other person;
  • We never see the good in people, so tend to look for the worst in those people, when it’s us that we’re angry at;
  • We’re having a bad day and just want that other person to feel the same as we feel;
  • We’re jealous.

I believe we tend to condemn before we know the truth or facts and are quick to judge or form an opinion when we don’t know a person or his motives. We tend to listen to what other people say and take sides even if we don’t know the person they’re talking about.

When we’re unhappy, we tend to want to make other people’s lives as unhappy as our own. If someone’s behaviour is at fault, it’s the behaviour we should be judging and not the person.

It’s important we learn to distinguish between the two.

25 Jan, 2012

8 thoughts on “Why we judge

  1. I’ve been trying to learn how to not be so judgmental which has helped in my life tremendously.

    I grew up in a world where my parents were very judgmental, but I’m hoping to be able to do things differently.

    Hopefully these lessons will sink in so I won’t judge myself and others so critically!

    1. When we see our parents judging others, it’s difficult for as children not to do the same thing.

      The good thing is that you know that’s what they did Randy and are now working to change things for yourself. Good luck.

  2. I’ve heard this a lot. People judging others and I have been guilty of it myself. I agree with your assessment.

    We really should worry about ourselves and not what the other person is or isn’t.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Sometimes it’s tricky not to judge people; but knowing that we shouldn’t like you say, is a good thing.

      That way we’re less likely to indulge.

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