Why we should remain upbeat

I have always tried to remain upbeat no matter what I deal with, but given the fact that stress plays a part in how I feel on what I deal with, remaining upbeat can sometimes be a little more difficult.

But I still don’t believe I need to stay in a place or space I don’t want to be in. Part of the problem is that we tend to come to accept where we are and see where we are as a fait accompli and that’s usually how things stay. The more we work on our positive thinking, the more our brains become resilient to challenges and then change.

Any challenge will enable us to see more in the way of possibilities and the more possibilities we see, the more positive we are. The more positive we are, the more success we will have and the more upbeat we will be. Statistics show that it is still possible to maintain an optimistic outlook and remain upbeat.

And that even people who are the most negative, can rewire their brains so that they focus on more positive thoughts. I intend to keep my goals small and more manageable. That way I’m less likely to feel overwhelmed, stay more positive and remain more upbeat.

30 Aug, 2011

4 thoughts on “Why we should remain upbeat

  1. I try to stay upbeat and positive most of the time. I also encourage others to stay positive. Negativity will affect our health and will make us ill.

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