Wilful Intentions

I am struggling to get my head around the fact that we’re still in Covid-19, and in school, children are getting sick with other illnesses from carrying stress over Covid-19. All that is required are masks. Having spoken to parents in my neighbourhood and through social media, it is clear the stress is making their children ill.

Covid-19 for those of us who live with a disability and who are still high risk, are now forced back into our homes, because ALL restrictions have been lifted. You can still catch Covid-19 with or without a jab because the UK is now open and wearing masks isn’t mandatory. I am home and use a KN95 mask when I manage to go out.

I am lucky I have my writing to keep me company, but writing is no consolation for the loss of liberty at the hands of a UK government that is intent on putting politics before people. I hate having to bring politics into my writing, but without the clarity I have anxiety, and I am left with little choice.

Also, the stats are proving that even if you are double jabbed the cases of Covid-19 are rising because precautionary measures have been lifted, but for some the vaccine is a gamble and they’re not comfortable with that.

And whilst with the vaccine you may not get sick to the point of losing your life, you can still get very sick. Scientists haven’t worked out and still don’t know how long we may have to live with the virus if we catch Covid-19.

There is no doubt all precautionary measures once in place, need to stay in place. It is the physical precautionary measures that are continuing to keep us safe. Lifting all measures is the primary reason I am home. I have lost my liberty.

What I am struggling with, is a serving UK Prime Minister taking away my liberties, because all precautionary measures have been lifted that will keep me safe.

16 Nov, 2021

2 thoughts on “Wilful Intentions

  1. Yes, it is sad that people are acting like the pandemic isn’t happening, when it’s pretty obvious that it’s still going strong.

    The politicians are just caving in to the people who aren’t bothered to wear a mask, when that’s a small price to pay to keep everybody healthy.

    There are people who are refusing to get vaccinated when it’s the smart thing to do. Things are not going to go back to the way they were, unless everyone chooses to do the right thing.

    1. Thanks Randy. The whole world would have to take the vaccine for us to have a chance of reducing Covid-19.

      Realistically that isn’t going to happen, and the vaccine isn’t without its complications and that is a worry for those not choosing to take the vaccine.

      It would be helpful if that was acknowledged by Governments. One of the side effects to the vaccine is inflammation of the heart, which has only recently been cited as an official side effect.

      If the UK Government particularly, weren’t so wilful and listened to what they were being told by scientists, perhaps more would have confidence to take the vaccine. It is very much a wilful act by the UK government.

      I don’t blame those not taking the vaccine, for some it’s a gamble and a risk too far. It’s the politicians who are to blame.

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