Without reflection

Critical reflection involves a critique of the presuppositions on which our beliefs have been built. Reflection gives us a new perspective.

Without it, we will lead blindly, we will fail to create anything useful and will create more issues we wouldn’t have had, had we used reflection as a tool. Without reflection, we may fail to learn, so will fail to get past our mistakes.

Without reflection to guide us, we will fail to recognise successes or create any new ideas. We will fail to help others, because we will fail to help ourselves. We will fail to correct mistakes and will probably go on to create more mistakes without understanding why.

Having made reflection part of my life and seen how it works for me, I would strongly recommend everyone try it.

21 Jan, 2015

8 thoughts on “Without reflection

  1. You have explained really well something that we all ought to take time to take stock and consider.

    I am sure most of us have not thought to reflect like this and I can see much merit in doing so. I enjoyed reading this post.

    1. Thank you. Reflection is both easy to do and isn’t at all time consuming. Without the use of reflection I’m not sure how meaningful our lives would really be.

      When we reflect we get to live the life we choose. without it we will miss out on so much.

  2. I usually find myself reflecting on issues I am dealing with during quiet moments.

    It’s almost meditating getting lost in my thoughts trying to solve an issue while staying true to my moral beliefs.

    1. Thanks Maria. That is exactly what I do. I just love getting lost in those thoughts. In previous years, particularly when I was a child, reflection took me a way from lots of stressful situations.

      I agree totally with your last sentence. Whilst reflecting I believe it is important for us to stay true to our moral beliefs.

  3. Reflection is like capturing the essence of a moment as if it were yesterday.

    Sometimes you can smell and taste the past if you reflect peacefully enough.

    1. I don’t have the ability to smell or taste the moment as if it were yesterday and I’m not too good at remembering pictured moments, but I can remember conversations verbatim as if they were yesterday, even though they took place years ago.

      I believe it’s true though, but not in my case.

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