Working at lifestyle choices

I always write about the things that contribute to my wellbeing that way not only in theory will I be emotionally and spiritually able to cope with whatever life throws at me, but physically too.

It’s true that lifestyles contribute to our wellbeing, but lifestyle can also make us ill. How many of us are happy with our lifestyles, with the way we live our lives?

I find the following helps:

  • Objectively identify the areas you’re not happy with and would like to improve and be sure of your reasons for wanting to improve them;
  • When you have identified the areas you should change or think you can do better with, decide what action you would like to take;
  • Finally put into practice everything you’re happy to change and consistently work at that change.

Changes must be realistic and positive that way we’re more likely to continue to work at them. The hard part we often have is recognising the need for change. Consciously we’re not always aware we need to change and if we, what those changes should be. We don’t always equate unhappiness with lifestyle.

I believe any changes we make should be tailored to fit our needs, achievable; within reach and relevant. Timing should also be a consideration, because if the timing is out and we’re not ready or equipped to make those changes, we’re less likely to implement those changes long term.

Over the years I have worked at changing my own lifestyle. It has taken time but I feel calm, in control and a lot happier for it.

26 Sep, 2011

6 thoughts on “Working at lifestyle choices

    1. I totally agree. It’s the little things that will help the most, for example turning the television off, reading a book; going for walks; making sure that you have positive people in your life. All those lifestyle choices are achievable without having to think about them too much.

      The hard part is changing the pattern of what we do. Once we recognise the need for us to change; it’s fairly straight forward. We have to want to.

  1. I need to make a few changes myself. Like taking short naps. I’m as bad as a child not wanting to take a nap. I usually though feel worse when I do.

    Great post and advice.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think making changes to our lifestyle is something we should all do, but don’t quite manage.

      In our hurried lives we’re often too busy to think about them, but from my own experience I know it helps when we do.

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