Working at relationships

In our less than perfect world, being taken for granted seems to have become part of the norm. In most relationships once the honeymoon period is over, complacency sets in.

I don’t believe we’re always consciously aware of our behaviour and that’s perhaps why we don’t behave appropriately with the ones we love. We can’t always be in control of our subconscious thoughts, or what goes on around us, but we can take control of how we behave with each other.

I believe that our behaviour is often mirrored through those subconscious thoughts I talk about. Like a book that unfolds, the more positive experiences we have, the more positive our conscious thoughts will be and the more in control we’ll be.

We tend to lash out at the ones who mean the most to us. We assume they’ll stick around and yet we still treat them badly. We never stop to think about how fortunate we are. How we behave with friends is how we should behave with those we love. On both counts our behaviour should be the same.

I believe all relationships must work on mutual respect. I also believe all relationships will flourish and the bond between two people will grow stronger when we work on giving and receiving respect. Respect is earned, not a certainty.

That person begins to feel valued, as if they’ve done and accomplished good things. There is no doubt in my mind though, that if we are willing to apply all the above, then this will happen.

26 Nov, 2011

4 thoughts on “Working at relationships

  1. I believe we are taught the way our parents interact with us. They are our examples in our early years.

    I had one parent who was very loving and supportive, whereas the other one was just the opposite. That is why I was much closer to my mother. She supported me in my hopes and dreams where as my father always said no you cannot do that. He was and still is is a very negative person.

    He learned that from his parents because they were that way unfortunately.

    1. I agree with you that parents are usually instrumental in how we interact in relationships, but I am not sure how far their teachings go.

      The old fashioned values, which deal with everything that help us interact well with others, aren’t always addressed by our parents. I am very pleased that your mother had a positive input for you on your upbringing.

      It always helps to have that support.

  2. I agree. I think our up bringing has a lot to do with it.

    I can see a lot of my father and how he treated my mom in my husband. It wasn’t bad it’s more like she was taken for granted and I feel the same from my husband. My mother is a kind, caring and giving person and I tend to follow her path. Giving when I can’t sometimes and overextending myself.

    I’m always grateful for any help I get and make sure that person or persons know it. We should always be thankful and not take people for granted.

    1. Ditto on your comment about taking others for granted. I believe there has to be a balance, so that others don’t begin to take advantage of us.

      When we over-extend ourselves to help others that’s when others start to take advantage, because they know they can.

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