Working on the soul

I believe that we are born with a loving, caring and happy soul, but our experiences in life affects our soul. Those experiences will begin to reflect and make up our personalities.

It is through those experiences that bad patterns can be formed. The trouble is that we’re often too busy trying to work on our own survival that we don’t look beyond our opinions and attitudes, to what truly lies within us. But we are all capable of changing how we perceive ourselves and other people, regardless of those patterns.

Our attitudes, opinions and approaches build into what people see on the outside and that is what we show family, friends and the world. What we should be doing is working from the outside in, so that what people see on the inside is what they see on the outside.

I was an angry child, living with a disability I didn’t know I had, but inside there was a soft side, different from my siblings, which others rarely saw. Every now and again that soft side would come out, I’d be sweet and caring and my family would get to see that side of me. Just before my father passed those were his very words.

It has taken a long time for me to unwrap the sweet, caring side. I know I was quite a challenging child, but no one took the time to understand why. I am disappointed, but after years of using reflection, working on myself and through each individual experience, I have been able to put a lot of this behind me.

Spiritual awareness

Spiritual growth is a process of inner awakening, where we start to become aware of our ‘inner-self’. Being aware of our inner-self allows us to develop a higher awareness so that we’re able to tap into our unconscious thinking: it enables us to go beyond what’s in our conscious thoughts helping to bring an understanding of who we really are and what makes us, us.

We all have the ability, but usually that part of who we really are is tucked away behind the ego-personality. Being spiritual allows us to listen to our inner thoughts, so that we’re constantly tuned in to them.

Having spiritual beliefs helps us to become better, more compassionate people, and live a more peaceful and tranquil life. Being spiritually aware, helps us take away our fear, anxiety and stress. It also helps us to compose ourselves, so that we are able to remain calm under pressure, with whatever we have to deal with.

10 Feb, 2012

2 thoughts on “Working on the soul

  1. I agree with you. I also think that the environment we live in as a child has a great influence on our lives. A child is born to bond.

    When they don’t get the love and bonding from the mother or father, they don’t know how to bond to others and form meaningful relationships and end up living troubled lives. I see it now with my grand-daughter.

    We learn from our parents and others we grow up with in our formative years so I put a lot of responsibility on the parents for their children’s behavior and mental health.

    1. This is part of it Lisa; our environment plays a part. Children should be born to bond, but unfortunately we know that’s not always the case for some children. Ditto on all your other points. 🙂

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