Working with my intuition

Although I didn’t always make the correlation between my inward and outward thoughts growing up, I innately believed there was an external force around me, although I didn’t know what that meant.

Whenever I was dealing with anxiety and bad thoughts, I would try to chant those thoughts away in the hope that something would help me take those thoughts away. As time moved on, I eventually came to understand more around my external thoughts and learned more about intuition.

‘Pure intuition’ as it is known, is based on the teachings of the soul and soul work, us being able to understand out intuitive-self. It is just knowing, through a sense of calm. Pure intuition is a subliminal processing of information that goes beyond our rational thoughts.

It is a conversation with ourselves. It gives us the answers we need, rather than the answers we’d like to hear. It is devoid of strong physical sensation. Pure intuition relies on guidance by our inner voice.

But our biggest challenge is being able to separate our purest intuition from instinct, interpreting images through ideas, or our own experiences. Intuition influenced by thoughts and emotions and driven by an immediate reaction without forethought, isn’t the same thing. When intuition is brought about in this way, it may only be partially correct and in some cases may even be wrong.

It is through our ‘purest intuition’ that we come to recognise spiritual truths. It will tell us whether something is true. It’s the highest part of ourselves that speaks to us, ready to guide us to the most direct route on what we’re dealing with.

The difficult part is being quiet enough to hear what our intuition is telling us around our many thoughts and emotions. But once heard, it has to be relied on and recognised for what it is, without question.

It is easy to mistake what we want to be true for the voice of our pure intuition telling us that it’s true and ignoring it.

13 Aug, 2018

2 thoughts on “Working with my intuition

  1. My intuition has always been spot on and out of the many times I chose to ignore my gut feeling, it usually came back to bite me in the ass.

    My biggest downfall has been being such a sucker for a sob story and a pretty face. This gift wasn’t something I dared to talk about to anyone and in reality, it’s pretty much the only way that I survived my nightmare of a childhood, considering the kind of people we were often exposed to.

    My Mother spent many years trying to brainwash me into ignoring my intuition, since a lot of those people were actually our relatives and we had to be nice to them, even when they treated us like ‘poor white trash.’

    This very nearly destroyed any kind of intuition I may have had, to prevent me from being used and abused by people who knew what my weakness was.

    My mother did a fantastic job of breaking my spirit and very nearly destroyed my soul, so it’s no wonder that so many people were able to take advantage of my being such a nice guy.

    I’m pretty sure that my dad was the one who was an empath, but he chose to use his gift for reading people and knowing exactly what to do and say to make them give him what he wanted from them. He would have definitely made a great used car salesman, which I’m very surprised he didn’t think to do.

    One of the few things I believe that really saved me from going to the dark side, was that deep down I knew the difference between right and wrong, thanks to reading a lot of comic books and actually believing in superheroes.

    1. Thanks Randy. We can learn so much through our intuition. I very much believe it’s a gift that we must continue to hone.

      Our intuition lets us know something directly allowing us to bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious part of the mind.

      It is through our intuition that we’re able to understand our circumstances and experiences and people’s part in those experiences.

      In your response you eloquently describe your experiences in the way you remember those experiences. I believe Randy you are able to do that because you’re using your intuition.

      Our intuition allows us to see the bigger picture on so many issues. With the bigger picture comes understanding and it is the understanding that helps us let those issues go.

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