Working with the Universe

As a child, I wasn’t encouraged to have aspirations. I conformed to my life. Yes, I was angry, but when I wasn’t, I was the sweetest child.

Growing up, I couldn’t know why I struggled to get past the starting block in school, why I had mental challenges, or why I dealt with anxiety, or why I couldn’t motivate myself, but even with all of those issues, I was innately aware I was attached to something bigger.

Looking back now, I believe the universe was watching over me, protecting me, and has brought me to this place. I never gave up on myself, because I innately had hope that through spirituality, one day I would find out about my disability.

Even if we’re not aware, or choose to make ourselves aware of the universe, it is there, but we must work with it. Every internal thought process we have, we’re putting those thoughts out to the universe. The universe is continually aware.

For us to succeed individually, we must work together with the universe and in harmony with each other. The higher power I talk about that surrounds our every thinking and our every move, must continue to be part of our lives.

It is important we work in alignment with what the universe expects us to do, otherwise we will create hatred. Please let’s just ponder that thought.

6 Dec, 2019

6 thoughts on “Working with the Universe

  1. My parents never encouraged us to do much of anything either, except that my mother expected blind obedience and my father expected us to always be on his side.

    This is why I despise seeing parents putting their children in the middle of their arguments as it’s extremely unfair. I just know what it did to me over the years, so I can sympathise with those kids.

    It does seem like the universe, or whatever you want to call it was watching out for me too, seeing as I’m still alive!

    I’m not 100% sure of what the universe expects and/or wants from me, but I know I can try to be a decent human being while I’m still around and help those people who actually want to be helped in the meantime.

    1. I for one am so pleased you’re still around Randy. You deserve to be around, what I see in you is exactly what the Universe sees in you. You’re a good guy.

      Where you say ‘I’m not 100% sure of what the universe expects and/or wants from me, but I know I can try to be a decent human being’ – that is exactly what the universe expects us to do.

      We must be decent human beings and some people aren’t getting that right, primarily because their relationships are based around the ego and all that does is create chaos and pain.

  2. I believe the universe had your path mapped out for you from day one.

    Once we understand, apply and align ourselves with the universe and its laws as you have, we will find peace and acceptance in all areas of our lives, so we can consciously create a more positive life for ourselves.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I believe it too, it was difficult to see as a child. All we know is what we deal with and as my case shows, we’re not always in a position to change that.

      You’re absolutely right in what you say though… once we understand, apply and align ourselves with the universe and its laws, we will find peace.

      I believe it is the only way we will find peace.

  3. Great blog, Ilana. You remind me that everything points to the universe, absolutely everything. You can’t think about it, you have to feel it. You will miss its essence entirely if you love false Gods.

    I’m always trying to go deeper spiritually, beyond what keeps me imprisoned, but I often fall short, way short.

    1. Thanks Tim. I think you are more spiritual than you think. For others less spiritual, the more they should want to work at becoming more spiritual.

      You’re right, everything points to the universe, but there are people who simply choose to ignore it, thinking they’ll get away with their behaviour.

      We only have to look at our governments to understand that is exactly what they’re doing. Morally, it’s wrong.

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