Writing and living my truth

Ever since I was a little girl, the truth was an important aspect of who I was. Not knowing about my physical, mental and emotional disability didn’t rest easy, although there was nothing I could do about it.

Easy would have been a fabrication of what was my truth, but a life bravely borne, and over the years a life that through my writing has come to reflect courage, understanding, truth and honesty.

We all deserve to have and live with truth, no matter what our growing up personal circumstances are. If the shoe were on the other foot, others would also have wanted to know, they would want the truth, they would want the same thing.

And even if they may not outwardly or inwardly admit it to themselves, we’re all human it’s what being human means. Searching for the truth is instinctive. It’s what many of us would choose to do.

27 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “Writing and living my truth

  1. Everyone deserves to know the truth, no matter wheat it is they are searching for and anyone withholding that truth is wrong, as it is not theirs to withhold.

    Not many can say in finding their own truth they have helped others, but that is something you can be doubly proud of.

    1. I am, thank you. I am also grateful for the gift. Humbled by my writing experiences.

      I hope that through my writing, both through my website and my book soon to be books, I can reach more people.

      I know how I have struggled through Brexit and Covid-19. My writing helps ten-fold and I know it can help others also looking for mental and emotional support.

      When you have autism (and it is a mental health issue), you are never far away from worries, concerns and fear. It is why I continue to write, to get my thoughts out there.

      Covid-19 has brought my mental health to the forefront as it has for many others also. Where we can’t vouch for the UK Government’s decisions around what we’re being asked to do, my book bridges the gap.

      Any decision like lifting restrictions in Covid-19 can leave us mentally and physically compromised and for those with mental health issues already, those decisions can leave us fearful, scared and nervous; me included.

      What I know is that my writing dampens all of these issues down and for the price of two cappuccino’s, you can buy my book and it’s more helpful and will last longer than a cappuccino!!

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