Wrong decisions

If someone asked my opinion about making big decisions, my advice would be to steer clear of the bigger decisions whilst you’re dealing with large amounts of stress.

I’ve also been struggling with confidence issues. A decision you make that you seem happy with, then regret it once it’s made?  Then when you realise the mistake, you’re not quite sure how to correct it. I will have to try to undo the mess, made by a decision I made yesterday.

I am not blaming myself. I’m blaming my circumstances and all that I have had to deal with. If I had have been thinking straight, I would have been more certain about my decision.

9 Feb, 2013

8 thoughts on “Wrong decisions

  1. Been there too. It’s a difficult situation to be in.

    Somewhere in the process of making the decision in the first place I can remember someone telling me that it won’t work out and I end up hearing, ‘I told you so.’ Hate it when that happens.

    I suck it up and make it right somehow. There are some things we can’t make right and just have to accept it as it is. Hind sight is 20/20 as the saying goes.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I tend to ignore what others think, not because I’m being mean but from my own experience others will always have or form of an opinion one way or another on what we decide to do. It’s not always because what they say is wrong, but that it isn’t what we want for ourselves.

      In any event I believe we have to make our own mistakes, that’s how we learn. It can be somewhat infuriating when we get the ‘I told you so’ thrown at us. In any event it’s never helpful.

      There’s a lesson in there for all of us!

  2. We’ve all done something similar. I’m sure with your formidable negotiating skills you will successfully sort this out.

  3. Everything you say here is true. Try to be calm and reason out when you make a major decision.

    There are a lot of things on your mind to deal with. Not a good time. Just try to wait till your mind is clear. People make better decisions when they have a clear head.

  4. The best thing you have done so far is to write about this. Writing down our thoughts usually help us solve a problem. If we could only do this every time it would be great. (I know I don’t always do this).

    We’ve all been there. I’m sorry you’ve been under stress for so long, many hugs are sent your way.

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