Yesterday’s problems

I seem to be having such a hard time of things, but I’m still choosing to remain positive.

Having nursed Claudia over a cold at the weekend, I started off with a sore throat yesterday morning that culminated with me being sick last night. You know that feeling where you can’t relax, you know you don’t feel well, aren’t sure you’re going to be sick; but can’t sit down or stand up. I was restless, managed to calm down before eventually being sick.

I’m not sure that Claudia’s illness had anything to do with my sore throat. I think the amount of things I’ve had to deal with in the last four weeks has finally caught up with me. My problem last night was eating the wrong foods. I had too much wheat without realising that the food I was eating contained wheat.

Having woken up this morning I still have my sore throat, but at least I’m feeling more normal. I have also found something else on my back that may need removing so that will be one of my jobs today. I have arranged to go back to see the Consultant to see what it is, then I’ll probably have it removed.

This seems to be the pattern for me. Although I’m not thinking everything is doom and gloom; I would like some time out to just be me without having to work through all of my health issues. I am tired right now.

28 Sep, 2011

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s problems

  1. You have every right to be tired with all that you’re dealing with.

    I know you know when we are under stress like that, our immune system suffers leaving us prone to illness especially if we are already dealing with chronic issues.

    Sorry you’re ill. I hope you heal fast and feel better real soon. Thinking of you often.

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