Yet another let down

I didn’t give myself cerebral palsy. It was something that was done to me, there is no getting away from that. I didn’t ask to be born with a disability, but I have it anyway.

According to the World Health Organisation (‘WHO’) the virus isn’t going away. If we come out of lockdown permanently, I have concerns on how I will cope trying to get back into my life. I can see myself self-isolating for another year.

A couple of weeks ago, I left a message for my doctor on line to let him know that due to Covid-19, I was self-isolating and wanted to know why the Governing Body, NHS England hadn’t sent me a letter, advising me to self-isolate because I have cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy was covered in a BBC article on Covid-19.

Through supplements and a change of diet, I am able to keep well, but overnight that can change. Through the years I have had to deal with respiratory issues, when I have often been left gasping for air: being premature and having cerebral palsy are both significant factors.

When I followed through on my message, I then placed a call with the surgery, which was met with condemnation when my GP rang back. Having to defend my corner throughout the call, he read out a list of chronic conditions from the ‘High Risk Patient list’ and yes, chronic respiratory issues were absolutely on that list.

As soon as I confirmed that was what I deal with and knowing he was wrong, he backed down. Having said he would get his practice manage to look into why I hadn’t received a letter from NHS England, I’d made my point. I was happy.

As yet I have received nothing back.

31 May, 2020

2 thoughts on “Yet another let down

  1. You have a disability, it’s not right you had to potpie your case to your doctor, when it was their responsibility to ensure you were informed what to do during lockdown in the first place.

    I am pretty sure I have read, it is the doctor’s responsibility to inform all vulnerable patients and it sounds like your doctor is a bit of a pompous, self righteous nightmare and it may be that you won’t receive your letter.

    You proved your point and thankfully you know the do’s and don’ts to minimise your risk anyway.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it would be lovely to think I wouldn’t have had to do what I’ve had to do, yet again.

      I am tired of having to fight my corner around my disability. I am tired of having to make my point, where it would be for others to make my point for me. Yes, you may be right about the letter.

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