Yet more change

I never seem to get past that point where things just seem to tick over normally, without there being a problem to deal with.

I am working on change in my life again. As my father battles with osteoporosis and brittle bone, he is becoming less mobile now and beginning to struggle in other areas that is bringing about more complications with his health.

I feel okay, just very sad that my father chose the Chemotherapy route and has had a year of struggle to get to this point and is still struggling.

Whatever happens I have very strong beliefs and know that he will be okay.

11 Jan, 2013

4 thoughts on “Yet more change

  1. Sorry your father has had to go through all of this and you too. I’m glad you feel he will be okay.

    That’s important to us as we see our parents struggle. We should be comfortable and accepting of whatever the outcome.

    1. Yes we should try to be comfortable and accepting of any outcome, particularly if it’s an outcome we cannot change.

      I am totally comfortable with the road ahead of us. Thanks Lisa.

  2. Having gone through this with my mother I feel for you. Hopefully your father can be made as comfortable as possible. I know this is not easy.

    You are strong and believe you will get through this. Believing you will get through this will help in the end.

    Lean on your family if you need to. Take Care.

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