Yet more changes

As university is fast upon us, it’s hard to think that in just two weeks our lives will change again. It’s not just about university, it’s the whole package, it’s coming home more with a completely different mindset than when they left.

Leaving home changes a person, invariably the person that leaves home isn’t the person that comes back. Things will change second time around and that’s what we have to be prepared for.

I’d like to dedicate this blog to all families whose children are ready to go through the same experiences.

25 Aug, 2013

6 thoughts on “Yet more changes

  1. I think it’s a good thing for our children to go away to school. One of mine did the other didn’t. I believe it helps the person grow into an adult.

    It’s the first taste of freedom and the experience to know what it’s like to be on their own as an adult. I didn’t go off to school. I stayed at home and attended the local college.

    I feel I missed out on a lot of things by doing this.

  2. My son is going to be commuting to a local college. He chose a local school to be closer to home to help out his Dad. I agree that when they go off to college they learn the skills they need as an adult.

    I imagine that by commuting he will learn skills for life but in a different setting. I hope that soon he will transfer to a university and stay on campus.

    I believe it is an experience that is a positive thing in ones life (as long as they stay out of trouble!)

    1. I agree with you Maria. From what you say it is your son’s choice to stay more local so he’s clearly thought this one through and that’s okay too because it was his own choice.

      I am sure when things settle with his dad, he will transfer to a university further away. All of these experiences are all positive as you say.

  3. It’s not something I really went through, other than my daughter actually moving out to New Mexico with her mother, which I hope has changed her in some ways!

    I’m sure it must be a very difficult thing to do as far as letting your children go off on their own. It would have been nice if my daughter had actually done this, but her mother has never really pushed her to do things like that because of her CP!

    I just feel like she has missed out on so many things by not making these kinds of changes, but beyond my control.

    1. You’re right your daughter has missed out, but unless your daughter is ready to change things Randy, it will never happen unfortunately. Having CP doesn’t make us incapable, but there is a lot ignorance about it.

      At least your daughter will know you wanted different things for her and will have changed things for her if you could.

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