10 tips to boost immunity

With the busy lifestyles we lead, it almost seems a daunting task to keep up on healthy eating, primarily because it’s more time consuming and time isn’t what we have. But it’s more difficult trying to get well again, so taking the time now to work on keeping our immunity at optimum level has to be more beneficial.

My tips for boosting immunity are:

  • Avoid eating anything refined, processed white and sugary foods and any foods containing artificial additives and preservatives;
  • Eat a handful of nuts or seeds, or a tablespoon of a ‘cold-pressed seed oil,’
  • Drink between 6-8 glasses a day of either diluted fruit juices, herbal teas or water;
  • Avoid frying food, or eating browned or burnt food, excess animal fat and hydrogenated fats;
  • Eat whole foods where possible, opting for foods like lentils, seeds, organic vegetables, fresh fruit, beans and whole-grains;
  • Make sure you eat your five daily servings of brightly coloured fresh fruit;
  • Eat four daily portions of whole-grains in the form of rye, oats, rice, whole-wheat, pulses, pasta and quinoa or corn as cereal;
  • Oily fish is important, so eating fish three times a week is good, or take a fish supplement containing EPA, DPA and DHA equivalent (although supplements shouldn’t replace the real thing.)
  • Dark green leafy and root vegetables are full of antioxidant properties, so aim for five servings of those a day. Include watercress; sweet potatoes; carrots (anti-inflammatory); broccoli; peppers; green beans and spinach. Eat either raw (always better) or lightly cooked;
  • Eat two servings of lentils; quinoa; tofu; vegetable protein or seed vegetables, or one small serving of fish, cheese, free-range egg, or lean meat and or chicken.

14 Sep, 2010

10 thoughts on “10 tips to boost immunity

  1. Hola, Buenos Dias.

    Soy Espanola y vivo en Barcelona, Espana. Me encanta su sitio y pienso que es muy inspirador.

    Muchas Gracias,


    1. Hola Lorena

      Mi hija habla espanol y por eso se puede traducir para mi. Muchas Gracias por sus buenos deseos y te espero disfrutar mi sitio en el futuro.

      Muchas Gracias

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