A new cancer study

A new cancer study has found people who regularly ate 800g of fruit and veg a day, which is about 10 portions, had a significantly lower risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease.

Researchers looked at more than 350 studies from around the world that examined the impact of fruit and veg consumption on a range of health outcomes, such as cancer and stroke, as well as premature death.

They found eating more fruit and veg was linked to a lower risk of getting these diseases and dying early when eating up to 800g a day (around 10 portions), or 600g a day for cancer.

The specific types of fruit and veg associated with reducing the risk of developing different diseases were also listed. Researchers estimated that when using 800g a day as the optimal intake of fruit and vegetables, 7.8 million early deaths could have been avoided by people eating this amount.

The following specific fruit and vegetables were found to help reduce the risk of:

Coronary heart disease

Apples or pears, citrus fruit, fruit juices, green leafy vegetables, beta carotene-rich vegetables such as carrots and sweet potato, and vitamin C-rich fruit and vegetables;


Apples or pears, citrus fruit, green leafy vegetables and pickled vegetables

Cardiovascular disease

Apples or pears, citrus fruit, carrots, green leafy vegetables and non-cruciferous vegetables such as butternut squash;

Total cancer

Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli;

All cause of death

Apples or pears, berries, citrus fruit, cooked or raw vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, potatoes and green leafy vegetables or salads.

It can be hard to eat properly in the current Coronavirus lock down, but it is especially important to look after ourselves, to stay as healthy as possible and keep our immune system strong. But it is equally imperative to remain realistic about our healthy eating goals.

If you are in the majority of people who struggle to get their 5 a day as current guidance advises, then this may be a more realistic aim than worrying about the higher target this study suggests.

Source: https://www.nhs.org.uk

15 Apr, 2020

2 thoughts on “A new cancer study

  1. When you combine the advice from studies like this about the health benefits of eating sufficient fruit and vegetables daily, with advice we already know about the adverse effects on our health of eating red meat and processed foods, there is no good reason for us not to change our lifestyles for the better.

    It is difficult in the current circumstances to always eat healthily and I do worry about the economic consequences with mass unemployment already a reality. This will undoubtedly badly impact on our eating habits too.

    1. Yes, we get one crack at the life thing, we must work on our health, however hard that is. It is particularly important given our current climate that this continues.

      We’re a long time dead, better we get it right and do it now. My mum was an advocate of healthy food, although she hated salads. Ate them, but continually complained about them.

      Mentally and emotionally it is important we continue to stay strong.

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