Healthy option take-outs

It’s the end of a long day, you’ve been cooking for what seems like weeks without a break and as a treat you decide on a take away, so before you reach for the menu, why not think about making your takeaway that little bit healthier.

  • Look at your ratios before you choose from the menu. A good rule to stick to is ¼ protein, a ¼ of carbohydrates and ½ of vegetables;
  • Takeaway curries tend to include cream and coconut milk in most of their dishes, both of which are bad for us. Take cream and coconut based curries off the menu and instead opt for thinner sauce type curries;
  • We tend to think that unless we order two courses, we’re never going to have enough to eat and with so many offers on to get us through the door, we’re worried we’ll miss out on the takeaway experience. Most take away starters include fried options, that on their own will take you over your daily calories;
  • Portion sizes for any meal are important. Takeaways tend to include enough for two people, on a one-portion size. Instead of trying to consume the full takeaway in one serving, either split the takeaway between two or just take what you need, or ask for a smaller size when you order if the takeaway is just for you;
  • To further save on calories and be heart-smart, ask your local takeaway to reduce the amount of salt or sugar they add to your meal. If you suspect they add MSG, be sure to request that is not included in your food;
  • Grilled dishes tend to have much less fat than your fried, crumbed or battered food, so if possible opt for grilled food instead, and either keep chips to a minimum, or take them off the menu;
  • When it comes to fish ‘n’ chips or a curry takeaway, ask for any dressing on the side, if you’re unable to commit to having no sauce at all. That way you get to control how much sauce you put on your food;
  • Ask for salads without the dressing or ask for your vegetables without the batter. Most takeaway houses are happy to oblige if you also choose to swop certain food items around.

Finally, instead of asking for refined grains, such as white rice or pizza bases made form white flour, choose whole grain alternatives.

6 Mar, 2016

2 thoughts on “Healthy option take-outs

  1. This is all really sound advice.

    I don’t eat take-aways as much as I used to, as I have purposely cut down due to the costs and as I generally try and eat healthier now.

    When I do have them I generally go for fish and chips and your suggestions of how to reduce the calories are really good. My local shop is happy to use little batter and can accommodate gluten free too.

    I wonder if they can grill the fish as you suggest. I like your other suggestions too and might give some of those a try.

    1. Thanks. Yes I think it’s sound advice too. What the blog’s saying, don’t not have takeouts, but just make sure the takeouts you have are more healthy.

      It’s so easy to rely on fast food. We just have to make sure like everything, we have a takeout in moderation. Even with these tips, I would still say home made food is better.

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