Lockdown Eating Habits Study

A recent study from the Guy’s and St Thomas’s Charity and the Bite Back 2030 healthy eating charity, tracked changes in young people’s eating habits in England, during lockdown in Covid-19.

The study demonstrated increases in both snacking and in the number of families eating together. The research, which studied over 1,000 14-19 year olds found 60% thought more shared family meal times were positive for health and wellbeing.

The study also found opposing trends for more unhealthy snacks, but also more shared meals, as families spent more time at home together. It also found a widening social divide in healthy and unhealthy eating.

The report describes snacking as the “biggest negative consequence” in eating habits during the pandemic, with a 40% increase in snacks. Young people in poorer families were found to more likely to snack and less likely to eat fresh fruit and vegetables than those from wealthier households.

But there was also a positive trend for more home-cooked food and families eating together in a way that was not usually possible prior to lockdown.

This increase in shared meal times during the lockdown was greater among better-off families, although there was also an increase among disadvantaged families too. And most young people saw this as healthier and more sociable too.

The study shows the social divide in nutrition getting worse during the lockdown. Even before the pandemic, families’ food options were strongly shaped by where they lived, and their socio-economic background.

This research shows that the inequality gap around access to nutritious food has been further widened by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk

16 Oct, 2021

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Eating Habits Study

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. It’s easy to turn to snacks at times of stress and let’s be honest, most of us have never experienced anything like the stress from this pandemic. Our mental and emotional health is in our boots.

    It’s also good to see that more and more people are eating together though, and I guess lockdowns have enforced a slowdown in our lives giving us more time to be with families (not always a good thing I might add!) which has led many of us to reassess our priorities.

    1. Thanks. Yes, you’re right. Comfort eating has very much been a ‘thing’ so much so it’s hit the headlines.

      It’s also not easy locking down with families full time. The pandemic has been scary for many and agree mental health is something that if we are being honest, will admit to some struggle.

      Thank goodness for my writing, it continues to have my back. If it’s out there in the universe, I blog about it. I am now locked in my home.

      My writing bridges the gap between my thoughts and the outside world and reduces my anxiety.

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