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It’s been frightening that since the age of 28 I’ve been dealing with respiratory problems, but what’s even more frightening is that none of the Nutritionists I have spoken to until last Tuesday, had suggested the right supplements to help me address my reflux.

I have been given advice now that has made a big difference to my health. I’ve been told there is a possible link between reflux and a deficiency in Vitamin D3, which is good news for those of us who struggle with reflux.

Unfortunately until the message filters through, there will still be people like me living with reflux, who won’t know about the possible link between a Vitamin D deficiency and reflux. It has taken me many consultations through the non-conventional route and only now has it come to light that this is why they think I’ve struggled for as long as I have.

Since I’ve started on my new regime, I’ve not struggled and for the first time, I am managing to eat some of the foods that I’ve had to take out my diet, because of reflux. The irony is that my diet has always been relatively healthy.

Although diet plays a big part in reflux for many sufferers, it’s only added to my problems, it’s not the main reason. The main reasons for me, are being premature, having Cerebral Palsy and being a second twin.

10 Dec, 2012

6 thoughts on “Nutrition advice

  1. It would probably be a great idea to find out what vitamins I may be lacking!

    I know I have taken certain things out of my diet, like too much coffee and my stomach issues seem to have dissipated. I’m due for a physical next month, so it seems to be perfect timing. I do try to eat healthier than I used to, which is probably why I do have some weight to lose now.

    Hopefully you’ll end up feeling better, once your stress level decreases at least a bit. hang in there!

    1. Thanks Randy. I’m hanging on in there! The irony is that the food we enjoy the most and that is good for us we tend to eat more of!

      I’m pleased though that you’re doing better by taking out things like coffee and it’s helping with your stomach issues.

      Good luck with your physical next month.

  2. I luckily don’t have to deal with reflux problems, but I do have some stomach issues occasionally that are stress related.

    It got so bad once when I was working at a very fast paced doctors office, that I went and saw a GI doc and he was going to do an E.G.D. to see if I had an ulcer, but I chickened out of the procedure and then I changed jobs and the problem went away!

    I may have some deficiencies (probably low iron because that comes up when I’m tested). I do take a good multivitamin every day and when I get the money will start on some other things that help with the problems I have.

    Glad the Vitamin D3 is helping you. Good luck and continued success with it.

    1. I’m glad the problem went away for you. I’ve started off well and that’s always a good sign!

      I’ve always taken an interest in health issues, one because I’ve struggled in one way or another and two because my mum was a keen advocate of health… so was introduced to it from an early age.

      It’s something I believe we should all keep on top of. I hope you get to sort out your problems with iron out, just as soon as you can.

  3. Hopefully you have found something that gives you some relief and will continue to start to feel better so you can enjoy your family during the holidays.

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