Reflux & trigger foods

I’ve written a little about Reflux but wanted to elaborate further because having struggled with it myself for many years, it’s important a little more about it. It’s easy to brush it off as nothing but it’s actually quite dangerous if left untreated.

Reflux isn’t something we’re aware of it until we have it and then we’re not always sure what it means. For the majority of us, Reflux becomes part of our lifestyle choices through our diet. Reflux is where certain foods and stomach acid leak upwards into the oesophagus from the stomach, causing an irritation to the soft lining of the Oesophagus.

Sadly, the beverages we consume contribute to Reflux including coffee, cola, beer, liquor, wine and certain teas. They are all triggers of the condition. Coffee can irritate Reflux by stimulating excessive acid secretion. It is the stomach’s job to secrete acid, which is then used to break down food particles before absorption into the small intestine.

Consuming too much coffee means the fluid will mix with the gastric acid bringing that back into the Oesophagus. The problem is that because Reflux is an acid it can irritate the Oesophagus lining that can cause long term complications such as cancer of the Oesophagus.

The sad reality is that the condition is avoidable, as long as we choose a healthier diet and lifestyle. Acidic foods are also triggers and those include chocolate, spicy foods, citrus fruits, high fat foods, raw onions, tomatoes, garlic, orange juice, peppermint and sugar.

10 Mar, 2018

2 thoughts on “Reflux & trigger foods

  1. Yes, this is exactly why I have to avoid certain foods and drinks seeing as they get my stomach going and then I suffer.

    Stress is also another factor, which is why I try to keep it to a minimum, but doesn’t help when you live with someone who actually enjoys the chaos and insanity. I’m sure this was why my dad used to drink milk just about every night to settle his stomach, seeing as my mother was the same way.

    There are those out there who are chaos junkies who can’t seem to get enough of it and go through life like a tornado. My biggest issue right now, is trying to figure out why it is that I feel so very conflicted and guilty about breaking up with my current girlfriend, seeing as our relationship is very toxic.

    I know my stomach would appreciate it, that and her aggravating me and spicy foods!

    1. Thanks Randy, yes being premature, food and stress all contribute to my issues with Reflux and digestion issues.

      Although not necessarily in that order it’s for us to take away stress and stressful situations and you know how to correct that and what you must do.

      Where you say, ‘My biggest issue right now, is trying to figure out why it is that I feel so very conflicted and guilty about breaking up with my current girlfriend.’ It’s what you know.

      Walking away from any relationship brings about uncertainty, but you have to ask yourself what’s worse, walking into uncertainty that will become certain, or living in a toxic relationship that could bring about long term illness?

      I’m guessing Randy that you already know the answer to that.

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