Sugar & Alzheimer’s

There is a growing body of research suggesting that sugar damages brain structure and function, which may cause Alzheimer’s.

According to recent research published in the journal Neurology, sugar can disrupt the brain function even if we’re not diabetic or have any signs of dementia. The study found higher levels on both glucose measures were associated with worse memory, as well as a smaller hippocampus and compromised brain structure.

Researchers also found that these structural changes partially accounted for the statistical link between glucose and memory. The findings suggest that even if we’re not diabetic or insulin resistant, sugar consumption can still disrupt our memory.

Long-term, it is thought this can contribute to the shrinking of the hippocampus, which is a hallmark symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, important as the hippocampus is involved with the formation, organization, and storage of memories. The study suggests that strategies aimed at lowering glucose levels even in the normal range, may beneficially influence cognition in the older population.

We know sugar is damaging, there is no getting away from that, but now that we know sugar may also be associated with Alzheimer’s disease, then perhaps it’s time to change the way we do things, if we are to try to avoid Alzheimer’s.

3 Feb, 2015

4 thoughts on “Sugar & Alzheimer’s

  1. There does seem to be mounting evidence to suggest a link to Alzheimer’s and we all ought to be concerned about our sugar intake generally.

    I do have a ‘sweet tooth,’ but I am making a concerted effort to cut down on biscuits and sweets etc.

    1. It’s never too late to cut down. I’m not sure whether there is such a thing as a ‘sweet tooth’ or whether eating too many biscuits and sweets is a habit we get into.

      Either way, it’s great you’re cutting down. I think it would be prudent if more of us managed to do that.

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