The health benefits of Mango

Mango contains phenolic compounds and natural antioxidant properties. These properties help combat breast, prostate and colon cancer and helps with the signs of ageing.

What do we know about Mango and why is it so good for us?

  • Mango is cultivated throughout tropical climates and originates from India;
  • Mango extract and fruit are known to help with weight loss, which is why it’s so popular with women;
  • It is also rich in potassium and is excellent for cardiovascular health;
  • Mango helps control blood pressure; improves the nervous system and strengthens the muscle surrounding the heart.

Mangoes also has other health benefits. Vitamin C is one of mango’s many properties. A glass of freshly squeezed mango juice contains half of our daily dose of Vitamin C and we know that Vitamin C helps with immune function; protects us from colds and flu like symptoms and is specifically targeted at respiratory function.

Mango is a good source of iron and is recommended for people who deal with Anemia. It also helps lower stress levels and relieves muscle cramps. Mango contains selenium and may help prevent heart disease. As mango contains beta-carotene, it facilitates vitamin A and helps aid digestion as it contains fibre. It also helps improve the conditions of those suffering with heartburn; over acidity; diarrhoea and constipation.

With a regular consumption of freshly squeezed mango juice mango is also good for memory function, for concentration and better performance. It also contains copper; magnesium; phosphorous and manganese.

Finally, not only is mango good for us, but it has a naturally sweet taste and is a wonderful alternative to tea and coffee.

23 May, 2011

6 thoughts on “The health benefits of Mango

  1. I like mango but never really thought about the benefits of it.

    I’m going to have to start eating it more, especially in the summer time. I just read in one of my books that mangoes contain a ton of water and pureed and frozen it’s great for smoothies among other recipes.

    A good way to preserve the fruit.

    1. When we think of fruit we never tend to think of the benefits, we just eat them. You are right though, mangoes like most other fruit contain a high percentage of water.

      I also think mangoes would make wonderful smoothies.

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