An Emotional Control Exercise

Remember to press the pause button, if there are things you’re struggling with mentally and you find it difficult to remember to breath; also particularly important when your emotions feel overwhelming and out of control.

If you feel your emotions increasing, remember to hone in and make yourself consciously aware of what’s going on in the present moment. Also remember to stand back and observe what is going on and how you feel. Remember to  take ‘deep breaths’ and or count, to distract your attention, both are easy to do.

As you take a deep breath in count slowly to five and focus on the changes in your body as you continue to breath. Hold your breath for a moment and then exhale counting backwards from five as you continue to focus on your breath. The mindfulness technique, which takes less than a minute to do, can assist you in helping you to regain control.

It is important we learn how to take emotional control around any issues we may have. It is the impact of our emotions that cause us to get sick.

18 Jan, 2021

2 thoughts on “An Emotional Control Exercise

  1. It is good advice for us to tune into our emotions to help calm us. We are all living in a time of unprecedented stress, and mindfulness techniques and meditation are really helpful in looking after our wellbeing.

    1. Thank you. Yes, not always easy to do, particularly if you’re not always aware of how the emotions work and or how you feel.

      Being mindful is key to tapping into our emotions. Through one or two lifestyle changes and incorporating this exercise into our lives will help us ‘become mindful’ of our emotions.

      Without being mindful, we may struggle to adjust and deal with some of the issues we face in our lives.

      I am pleased you found my blog helpful.

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