Cycling is another form of exercise that is easy and fun to do. Not only is it good for our brain cells, but it also helps with expanding our lung capacity too. It’s an exercise all family members can participate in.

Cycling helps us sleep better. Research carried out at Stanford University School of Medicine on insomniacs, concluded that those insomniacs who cycled a minimum of between 20-30 minutes every other day, reduced time on getting to sleep by half an hour and sleeping through, increased by an hour.

Other research also suggests that people who cycle; have a five percent improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness and up to 15 percent improvement in mental tests. This is because cycling helps build new brain cells in the area of the brain responsible for memory. Cycling increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

Four more reasons why we should cycle:

  • Cycling increases strength;
  • Cycling increases flexibility and balance;
  • Cycling increases stamina and endurance;
  • Cycling increases the amount of calories we burn off.

Cycling also helps us fight off illness. Immune cells become more active the more we take exercise, so we are able to fight off infection quicker. The body becomes more efficient at regenerating new cells.

Cycling also helps with lowering our risk of Cardiovascular Disease; Cancer; Obesity; High Blood Pressure and Type II Diabetes.

Cycling takes little effort and apart from the initial layout for cycling gear and the bike, it’s a cost effective exercise. It’s something you can pick up as and when you have time.

It’s a good all round exercise that is also gentle on the joints and helps with stress.

28 Apr, 2011

8 thoughts on “Cycling

  1. Unfortunately because of my CP and balance issues I was never able to ride a bike.

    Maybe in the future sometime, I will get a bike with 3 wheels that I have seen around in the past, although they tend to be expensive.

    We have a lot of traffic on our road so it may not be safe to do that. We will see.

    1. I am not completely balanced on a bike either. I can ride one but not for too long.

      Long distances are out of the question completely, but I still see it as a good form of exercise. Just wish I could do more of it.

    1. Lisa I know you could now. I am sure within minutes you would pick up your skills very quickly. I believe it is a skill we acquire for life.

  2. I’m thinking of buying a new bike to keep fit and maybe commute to work in the summer.

    I used to ride a lot to and from university when I was younger and it’s a great way of keeping fit without really trying. Now the roads are busier its probably much faster than sitting in traffic and certainly cheaper in the long term.

    I have seen lots of tricycles in town and these seem to be a great way to cycle if you aren’t too steady on two wheels.

  3. I’ve been cycling now a couple of times a week for the last few months and my blood pressure and cholesterol have both dropped back to normal.

    As this is all that I have changed, I can only attribute this to cycling.

    1. That’s great. Exercise has been well documented for good overall health and has probably contributed to your general well-being. That together with a culmination of foods that help lower cholesterol will also have contributed.

      Perhaps you have changed other things too, we’re just not aware of those changes as their usually subtle ones!

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