Exercising safely

It is accepted that light to moderate exercise such as walking, is usually fine for healthy adults that have no troublesome symptoms.

When embarking on exercise for the first time, it is always helpful to discuss a fitness regime with your doctor, particularly if you haven’t recently been active, you have an injury, chronic health conditions, such as Heart Disease, Asthma, High Blood Pressure or Diabetes.

As far as injury is concerned, these would be my tips for avoiding injuries:

  • Take five to ten minutes to warm up and cool down properly;
  • Plan to start slowly and boost your activity level gradually;
  • Be aware that training too hard can often cause overuse injuries. A mix of different kinds of activities and sufficient rest is safer;
  • Listen to your body. Hold off on exercise when you’re ill or tired;
  • If you stop exercising for a while, drop back to a lower level of exercise, initially when you restart;
  • For most people, simply drinking plenty of water is sufficient. But if you’re working out especially hard or doing a marathon or triathlon, choose drinks that replace fluids plus essential electrolytes;
  • Choose clothes and shoes designed for your type of exercise;
  • Exercising in hot, humid conditions can lead to serious overheating and dehydration. Watch for signs of overheating, such as headache, dizziness, nausea, faintness, cramps, or palpitations. Drink more water when exercising in high temperatures or exercise during the cooler times of the day;
  • Dress properly for cold-weather workouts to avoid hypothermia. Depending on the temperature, wear layers you can peel off as you warm up and don’t forget to wear gloves.

Finally, just enjoy yourself. It’s important to enjoy the exercises we do, but we must always remember to be mindful of the safety aspect of the exercises we’re embarking on. That is so important.

18 Mar, 2016

2 thoughts on “Exercising safely

  1. Thank you for taking the time to research this. I’m trying to exercise more but struggle with a bad knee, so to have this information in one place like this, is really useful.

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve always had an interest in health and health issues. I’ve come from a background where health was important and because I have Cerebral Palsy, it’s even more important for me to look after my health.

      I’m always happy to research anything that helps me stay well with what I have to deal with. When it comes to exercise, to anything to do with our health, I believe we must all participate and do it safely.

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