Whether you’re looking to increase your confidence, your strength or co-ordination, or you’re looking for a cardio workout, kickboxing is for you.

You’ll find kickboxing classes focus on everything from elements of dance, to self-defence, cardio conditioning and martial arts. Deciding which kind of class to attend is the first step in preparing long term fitness.

But when it comes to any form of exercise it is important you’re honest with yourself about what you can handle. If you suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity or asthma, it is important to consult your doctor before you begin.

Thinking about and determining your own abilities, aptitude and goal with any form of exercise is an important first step, but particularly kickboxing. Is your goal to improve cardiovascular health or overall conditioning; do you want to participate in competition sparring; or are you more interested in non-combat classes?

Most gyms offer cardiovascular classes, others incorporate dance. But it’s important you understand the sport, then decide what you would like to achieve. If you are interested in using kickboxing as a combat-sport, it would be a good idea to set up a one-on-one session with a trainer who can help you with technique.

Clothing for Kickboxing shouldn’t be too loose or restrictive. It may include ankle support, headgear and boxing gloves. Most active gear should be fine. A water bottle and towel will come in handy.


23 Jan, 2019

4 thoughts on “Kickboxing

  1. I have thought about kickboxing classes to keep fit. I remember reading somewhere it burns up the most calories of any sport, while toning too.

    It might be a handy self-defence skill too.

    1. Yes, Kickboxing is a thing right now. As you say it burns up the most calories and is a good toning exercise.

      It’s also good for the heart, joints, balance, strength and co-ordination. It’s also a great way to get a grip on stress too.

  2. Yes, something like kickboxing is what I should really get into, seeing as I definitely need the exercise.

    I have often considered getting into something more like karate, seeing as it would be great for my physical well being and also for self-defence, if I ever happened to need it.

    I have to find a place that I’m comfortable with, as I have bad social anxiety that has kept me from doing this all along.

    I am hoping that once I have my own place and won’t get grilled as to when or why I’m taking a shower that will make things easier.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, Kickboxing and karate are both good exercises for toning and cardio.

      I hope that you get over your social anxiety soon so that you can decide for yourself what kind of exercise you decide to do.

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