Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is an easy exercise routine that can be enjoyed by all ages, as long as we can balance and co-ordinate movement comfortably. It only requires a step bench for equipment and a good pair of shoes or trainers.

A bench may be anywhere from six inches to twelve inches in height. It’s important to make sure it’s sturdy and provides ample foot space so that you don’t fall off whilst exercising.

A step routine may be as simple as stepping up and down on the bench, or may involve much more complex moves; but whatever we do, we must try to work up a sweat. Beginners should probably start with these easy routines, but once you’re comfortable with those, feel free to work your way up to dance steps.

The higher the bench height, the harder our legs will work. Most benches come with adjustable feet, so you can start relatively low and add additional height as your confidence and ability grows.

A variety of Step Aerobics Routines

Here are a few examples of simple ‘starter’ routines and I would definitely start with these easy ones first; before contemplating more complex routines.

Step Up/Step Down

  • This is one of the easiest moves you can do on a step bench;
  • Step up with your right foot and then your left;
  • Step down with your right foot and then your left;
  • Repeat as many times as desired.

Step and Kick

  • Step on the bench with your right foot;
  • Bring your left foot up and kick your left leg straight out in front of you;
  • Step back onto the floor with your left foot and then your right;
  • Alternate your legs for stepping and kicking.

Side to Side

  • Turn to the side and step with your right foot onto the bench;
  • Bring your left foot onto the bench;
  • Step down on the other side of the bench with your right foot and then your left;
  • Step back onto the bench with your left foot first, followed by your right, landing on the other side of the bench.

Knee Lift Step

  • Step on bench with your right foot;
  • Bring left leg up but don’t step on the bench. Lift left knee and then step back with left foot, followed by the right;
  • Alternate stepping foot and lifting leg.

Finally, step is good a pounding exercise, which helps build strong muscles and is good for heart and bone health.

20 Jun, 2016

2 thoughts on “Step Aerobics

  1. Good post. Any form of step is great exercise, even up and down stairs for example.

    My problem is I have a low boredom threshold for exercise and lose interest rapidly. I much prefer a sunny day, so that I can get out on my bike.

    1. Thanks. Yes, as long as we don’t over exercise, I believe any exercise we manage is good and needs to be done in moderation.

      Cycling is an all round exercise, but can often be taken to the extreme, particularly when the sport becomes competitive.

      I don’t mind step because it’s a quick and easy exercise to do.

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