1,000 blogs

As a child concentrating on anything was particularly difficult for me, given what I was dealing with physically, neurologically and emotionally, so having just completed my 1000 blog on The CP Diary has become a very significant milestone for me. Writing has finally enabled me to turn my life into something positive.

I would like to say a big thank you for everyone who reads by blogs and to all my new friends who have supported me from around the world. The CP Diary wouldn’t have been so successful without all your support. I hope you will all continue to enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.

28 Jan, 2013

8 thoughts on “1,000 blogs

  1. 1000 blogs, who would have thought?

    Many, many congratulations. That is some achievement and you haven’t really got started yet!

  2. They have been great to help you and the rest of us.

    I am so glad you decided to do this site. It helps a lot of people.

  3. Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long already. I’m sure it’s definitely a milestone for you and your posts, which have usually been quite timely as far as things I’ve been dealing with.

    I guess I should make sure to say ‘Congratulations,’ on your achievement and hope for many more. Keep up the good work.

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