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  1. It’s so easy for me to feel this way sometimes. I have a really bad day, then I question everything that has happened in my life. But then I also think about my life and realize it hasn’t been all that bad.

    My daughter on the other hand gets totally upset and wished she wasn’t ever born. She has had a great life so far; never wanting for anything because everything has been handed to her until now. I say until now, because my mother spoiled her by giving her everything and now my mom is gone and she can’t get it all, so she has had a bad life!

    Our kids now days think they deserve everything and just don’t realize how good they have it.

    1. Thanks Lisa. We all have days where we question our life and our experiences, you’re not alone.

      I think you’re lucky that you come to the right conclusion though. Not everyone has the ability to see what you see. In the bigger scheme of things I believe there will always be things that are positive, but we often only see the bad.

      It’s important that we all see a bad day we’re having as a bad day so that we don’t equate a bad day to a bad life. Once we equate a bad day to a bad life it will always take time for us to start seeing the positive again.

  2. I know exactly what that person is talking about. It’s the negative energy that you get when you have a bad day.

    Some people have the ability to put the bad day aside and carry on with their day as if nothing had happened. I tend to fall into the latter, where the negative energy seems to make everything else in day seem crappy. I am trying to break that cycle, more positive self talk and a positive outlook will help a lot.

    Praying to my higher power and turning it over to him (Jesus take the wheel). Trusting that it’s only a bump in the road and not letting it affect the rest of my day. I could sure use the Dali Lama in my head; what a wonderous thing it would be to spend some time with him.

    1. Thanks Maria. Absolutely. I’m smiling because we could all probably use the Dali Lama in our heads. Alas he’s not and therefore we’ve got to do it ourselves!

      I think your point about trusting that our lives are only a bump in the road is a good way to look at things. The problem some of us is that it can become a very bumpy road. I do believe though that things eventually balance themselves out, but at the time it’s very difficult to see that.

      It’s only when we look back that we are see that and then we realise just how far we’ve come and that’s positive.

  3. Dealing with our circumstances and keeping ourselves emotionally stable is a science in and of itself. Happiness may surface after that one bad day, but too many bad days will certainly make us feel like we have a bad life.

    Our emotions tend to leap naked from the closet at times, but a quote like this puts things in perceptive.

  4. When I have a bad day I feel the same. It feels like it’s never going to get better again. Together with the negative energy being felt at that time and past struggles coming to mind, it’s very overwhelming.

    Most of the time after a good night sleep I start to see a ray of hope that it’s not that bad.

    1. Thanks Maria. I resonate with your thoughts here. Until I learned to work through my own things, some of your feelings, were my own feelings. I felt stuck for a very long time.

      I agree with you that after a good night’s sleep we can start to see a ray of hope, that it’s not that bad and in a way that helps us start the day positively.

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